Over the past few days we received multiple mails about missing star-/ratings when using product boxes or field shortcodes. The cause of this issues is the fact that Amazon implemented a captcha in order to prevent scraping the reviews from their pages.

We created a separate article about this topic: Star ratings and reviews don't show up

Protective mechanism prevents scraping

Until now Amazon beared scraping their pages, which ends now. We are aware of multiple requests from other affiliates towards Amazon as to revert this decision and in best case delivering the ratings via their Amazon Product Advertising API. It's very vague if Amazon would follow this requests. In case you think about bypassing this protective mehanism, you should better think twice…

Disabling the ratings

Unless there are any other information, we have to resign using the star-/ratings. Therefore you can disable the ratings via the plugin settings (tab “output”). Afterwards it's recommendable to clear the plugin cache.

Update 28th December 2017

The circumstances mentioned above still exist and it doesn't seem like something will change in nearest future. There are websites out there with and even without having problems fetching ratings.

Our advice: If you want to get those ratings, give the plugin some time and be happy if they occur, but don't be disappointed in case they don't show up 🙂

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