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Star ratings and reviews don’t show up

The plugin has a built-in functionality which allows you to show a product’s star rating respectively the amount of submitted reviews.

Where is this data coming from?

Unfortunately Amazon doesn’t provide the data via their API. That’s why the plugin has to scrape the rating and reviews out of the relevant product pages on Amazon.

In the past Amazon beared scraping the data but lately they implemented a captcha in order to prevent scraping the ratings/reviews from their sites.

By default this feature is disabled and must be enabled (at your own risk) via plugin settings.

Star rating and reviews don’t show up on my site

In case the star ratings and reviews are missing on your site, the plugin wasn’t able to scrape the data from Amazon. This varies from product to product.

For some customer it works without exception, some get only a few of it and others none. Due to the previously mentioned protective mechanisms, it cannot be guaranteed.

Anyway how do I get the ratings and reviews?

If you compulsory want to make use of the ratings and reviews, give the plugin some time to scrape and collect the data. This might take a few days or even longer.

Be happy if the stars and reviews show up, but don’t expect that.

Can I set the rating manually?

Yes you can. On a shortcode basis you can easily pass the rating as follows:

[amazon box="ASIN" rating="5"]

The shortcode attribute rating expects a numeric value from 1 to 5. Decimal numbers work fine as well: e.g. rating="3.5"

Please be aware that the ratings and reviews must be accurate which is not ensured when setting it manually.

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