You’re bound to have heard of the coupons that you can use to benefit from discount codes, coupons and offers from a particular online vendor.

This benefit is not so much for your own use to save a little money, but as an affiliate, they’ll increase your site's click through rate and your conversions. This article will show you a really easy way to set up and issue these coupons on your website with the help of the Affiliate Coupons WordPress Plugin.

The Affiliate Coupons WordPress Plugin

If you’d like a practical solution as an affiliate to issue coupons on your website, you should use the WordPress Affiliate Coupons Plugin. Why? Well, we’re going to show you now!

The big advantage of the WordPress Affiliate Coupons Plugin is that it’s compatible with all WordPress themes. So, you just have to download it, install it and you're ready to go. The coupon plugin is designed to be responsive on both a desktop PC and a smartphone. For this purpose, the WordPress plugin offers you numerous templates (grids, lists, etc.), allowing you to issue your coupon codes along with the details of their vendors.

In addition, you can filter the coupons that you issue according to numbers, letters or even the discount amount.

Affiliate Coupons Plugin

Functions and settings

The WordPress Affiliate Coupons Plugin offers you numerous options, settings and functions. You can manage these and use them via the WordPress backend. We’re now going to tell you what these are and introduce them to you.

Adding coupons

Affiliate Coupons Coupon Details

Using the menu item “Add Coupons“, you can add the coupons of your choice to your website. You’ll then be able to access the coupon details, where you can specify all the important information for your coupon.

Under “Vendor”, you can select a vendor that you've already set up in the plugin settings. Well show you how to do this in the following section. When you select a vendor, you’ll see that the image, URL, title and description are inserted automatically. However, in the coupon details area, you can customise this information to suit your needs and amend the data if you need to. So, if you want to add a new image for the coupon, just click on the “Add Media” button.

Under “Discount”, you’ll see that the discount is logged. This is the amount granted by the vendor. In the same way, under “Discount Code” you’ll see the code allowing the discount to be redeemed through the vendor. You also have the option to apply a validity period to the discount, coupon or offer. For this, you use the fields “valid from” and “valid to”. The URL field is where the address (affiliate link) needs to appear, so the user can be forwarded to the right place when clicking on the coupon you’ve added. You can also specify a title and description in the coupon details if you want to overwrite the information already set up for the vendor.

Using the additional options “Recommended” and “Highlighted” means that coupons can be visually highlighted or placed at the top of a list.


Affiliate Coupons Vendor Details

As mentioned briefly above, you can add vendors in the WP Coupons plugin settings. This will help you to manage and maintain the affiliate coupons later.

In the vendor details, specify all the data for the vendor or your affiliate partner. This is where you can add a picture, a URL and a description.

Should something change here in the future, you can simply update the vendor details centrally via the WordPress backend and don’t have to correct each individual coupon that you’ve included.


Affiliate Coupons Types

The types that you can create and manage in the plugin settings can be assigned to each coupon. They’re similar to the keywords that you’re bound to already be familiar with in WordPress.

When you specify a coupon type, for example, a smartphone, online course, etc., this will be displayed on the coupon.

Affiliate Coupons Coupon


Affiliate Coupons Categorie

In addition to the types that you can create in the settings of the WordPress Affiliate Coupons Plugin, you can also assign categories. The categories help you to classify your coupons under different headings.

These are similar to the categories you’ll already be familiar with in WordPress and will have used for posts.


Affiliate Coupons Shortcodes

In order to be able to provide access to coupons on your website, you need to use the relevant shortcode, which you’ll find under the menu item “All Coupons”. This is where you can view coupons already created or add new ones. The coupon’s relevant shortcode will appear on the right-hand side.

Download the WordPress Affiliate Coupons Plugin for free

The WordPress Affiliate Coupons Plugin is available to use as a free version and you can download this without any cost. This version of the plugin contains the most important functions. For example:

  • Creating vendors and inserting affiliate links
  • Adding coupons by means of shortcode
  • The filtering and sorting function
  • Templates: standard, grid, list and widget

In addition to the free version, you can extend the coupon plugin’s functionality by using the pro version.
For example, the pro version includes the following features:

  • Statistics
  • Click to reveal
  • Event tracking
  • Coupon detail pages
  • More templates and styles

Affiliate Coupons Plugin function comparison: Free vs. Pro

Functions Free version Pro version
Event tracking
Detail pages
Templates: small banner & widget
Highlight & emphasise individual coupons
Styles: bright and dark

Click to reveal

Affiliate Coupons Click To Reveal

Click to Reveal” is a special feature of WordPress Affiliate Coupons. Using this, you can hide a discount code initially.

The benefit of this is that a visitor will not simply copy the code and then leave your page afterwards. After all, you want them to use your affiliate link so that you can earn money as an affiliate.

The “Click to Reveal” function means that the visitor must first click on the coupon in order to display the discount code. This will then look as follows:

Affiliate Coupons Click To Reveal Coupon

This should help you as an affiliate, as the visitor will redeem the coupon code via your affiliate link.


Affiliate Coupons Statistics

Statistics help you to get an overview of the performance of your affiliate coupon. The statistics allow you to see, among others, how often the coupon was displayed and how often the discount code was copied and clicked on. You can see the statistics in the WordPress backend via the coupon overview. This is directly to the left of the shortcode.

Event tracking

With the help of “Event Tracking” you can view click statistics directly via Google Analytics or Piwik. These two tools are supported by the WordPress Affiliate Coupons Plugin.

Coupon detail pages

Affiliate Coupons Coupon Pages

The detail pages help you to describe your coupon or the current discount code in more detail and to make it appealing to your visitor. This means you can go into more detail about the discount, coupon or offer.

To do this, you can create an extra “details page” within the plugin, allowing a visitor to click on it and get more details.

Templates and Styles

Affiliate Coupons Templates Styles

In addition to the standard templates and styles, the pro version of the plugin has even more to offer. For your layout, for example, you can choose between grids and lists as well as “light” or “dark” styles.

Marking individual coupons

Affiliate Coupons Featured Highlighted

As mentioned above under “Add Coupons”, the pro version lets you highlight or flag individual coupons. To do so, you simply need to put a tick on the coupon details page.

The cost of the pro version

When purchasing the pro version of the WordPress Affiliate Coupons Plugin, there are three different licenses to choose from:

  • Personal: $39
  • Plus: $99
  • Pro: $199

All licenses offer you full functionality and a year’s updates, as well as support. They differ only in the number of websites that you can use the pro version of the plugin.

Affiliate Coupons Plugin Price

In addition, the developer of the coupon plugin offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the pro version after purchase.

Affiliate Coupons WordPress Plugin: Conclusion

If you want to easily create coupons and embed them on your website, take a closer look at the WordPress Affiliate Coupons Plugin.

The free version offers the most important functions for issuing discounts, coupons and offers. If you want access to additional features such as statistics, event tracking, etc., the pro version is the ideal choice.

Have you already had experience using a coupon plugin?


  1. good afternoon,

    I have been working with AAWP for a long time and it certainly seems to me the best plugin to work with Amazon affiliation.

    I’m already trying the free version of Affiliate coupons I find very interesting but it would be good to be able to add products by the ASIN code to avoid having to put the image for each product.

    Do you plan to add this functionality?

    Thanks in advanced.


    1. Hello Alberto,

      the coupons plugin is only for discount codes thought. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to insert via ASIN.

      That’s what you?


  2. I have been working with AAWP for a long time and it certainly seems to me the best plugin to work with Amazon affiliation.

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