* A license allows to install and use AAWP on a site for an unlimited period of time.
** To continue to receive support and updates, all licenses must be renewed after one year (voluntary, no subscription!).

Important Note:
In order to use our plugin, it is imperative that you already have access to the official Amazon Product Advertising API. Please click here to ensure that you are able to create API keys before you buy. Otherwise you cannot make use of any Amazon WordPress plugin yet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does a licence last?
Purchasing a license includes 1 year of updates and supports for free. After this period you might (voluntary, no subscription!) extend your license including a special price (50% discount base on the list price). The plugin will be usable anyway!

Is it possible to upgrade an existing license?

Of course you are allowed to upgrade a license at any time via your account page. The remaining amount can be paid by PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

Do you support Multisite blogs?

As an owner of the Plus license (or higher) you will be able to use the plugin within a Multisite.

Do you provide future updates for the plugin?

Yes of course! As an owner of a valid license you have access to our update service. The plugin updates will be available via WordPress' update function as you usually. There's no need for a manual download.

I need help by your team!

If you have any pre- or after-sale questions regarding the installation, configuration or usage of the plugin, please feel free to contact us. We are going to find the best solution for you!

Does the plugin work with WordPress.com as well?

No sorry. The plugin is not compatible with WordPress.com. Anyway it will work on all self-hosted WordPress blogs.