Data Fields

An Amazon data field allows you to display a single item of data from any Amazon product listing.

For example, if certain product information is required within a body text, a spreadsheet, or anywhere else, this can be displayed using data fields.

What is an Amazon data field?

An Amazon data field (simply known as a “field”) displays specific Amazon product data. For example, this could be the price, the product title, the star rating, or the buy button. You can place this information anywhere in a post, on a page, or in a sidebar.

Data fields can also be used in a template or as part of a comparison table. In addition, an Amazon data field can generate buttons, such as the ‘buy’ or the ‘details’ buttons. You can add additional values using attributes.

You can find out more about the attributes and values to use for data fields in our documentation on Shortcodes and Extensions.

An example of an Amazon data field

Here is an example of a data field. This one displays the ‘buy’ button with its own text:

To the shop
[amazon fields="B07D4FQB8S" button_text="To the shop" value="button"]

The benefits of an Amazon data field

Here is a brief overview of the benefits:

  • Can be used anywhere in posts, pages, tables, or templates.
  • Can be enhanced with attributes, e.g. your own product title or button text.
  • The shortcode can be embedded in HTML tags, for example, if you want the product title to be in bold or italics.

Create an Amazon data field in 3 steps

How to create a data field in 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Select the shortcode.
  • Step 2: Select the ASIN.
  • Step 3: Insert the shortcode into the post, page, template or table and expand this if necessary.

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