The 12 Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins For WordPress in 2023

August 2, 2022

With more than 80% of all leading brands offering affiliate programs, 84% of publishers using affiliate links, and with affiliate marketing set to be worth over $12 billion globally over 2022 alone, there’s just one question if you’re not yet a part of all this. Why not?

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to quickly monetize a blog and start generating revenue. If you already have an established website or a blog, you should definitely consider monetizing it with affiliate marketing. 

And, if you know a thing or two about affiliate marketing, you probably know about Amazon’s affiliate program, known as Amazon Associates. If you’re going to promote Amazon’s products on your website in the most effective way possible, it would be a wise idea to use an Amazon affiliate plugin. 

As an Amazon affiliate, you can easily generate a decent commission per sale. However, using an affiliate plugin is a good idea as it helps you manage the products on your site much more efficiently. 

Why Use an Amazon Affiliate Plugin For WordPress?

There are a number of different reasons why you would want to use a dedicated Amazon affiliate plugin for your site. Here are just a few:

  • A good Amazon affiliate plugin will allow you to easily insert links into different pages using simply the WordPress backend.
  • The plugin will also let you easily organize and review the affiliate links that you have on your site. 
  • It can allow you to create custom lists, such as “best sellers” or “new arrivals,” to boost sales and visibility. 
  • A plugin can also pull product descriptions and product data directly from Amazon. 
  • An Amazon affiliate plugin will also compile reports on the number of sales you’ve generated, the traffic (clicks) on each product page, and other details. 

So, if you’re running an affiliate site on WordPress, it’s easy to see just how beneficial a plugin can really be. But, with so many options, which one should you choose? 

The 12 Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins To Use in 2023

Here are the 12 best Amazon affiliate plugins to use in 2023.

1. AAWP 

aawp amazon affiliate plugin homepage

AAWP is by far the best choice for affiliate marketers. AAWP is widely regarded as one of the best Amazon plugins because of its well-rounded features. It allows users to easily manage affiliate links throughout their WordPress site. 

You can select from a number of different ways to place affiliate links in your content, ranging from hypertext links to custom boxes that include the price and the product description to attract more attention. 

If you want, you can also add comparison tables to your site directly and customize all display elements as you want. Using shortcodes, you can seamlessly insert any affiliate link modules on any part of your site, as well as dynamic listings such as “best sellers”.

More importantly, you don’t need to open the Amazon website at all when searching for products; AAWP links directly and lets you search for products from the backend. It even has a Gutenberg block with a very interactive interface, making it easier to add products to your site. 

Key Features

  • Pre-made templates available 
  • You can display affiliate links in a variety of ways, such as text, different lists, new releases or others
  • Automatic updates when the listing changes
  • Product search
  • Show comparison tables 

2. ThirstyAffiliates

thirstyaffiliates amazon affiliate plugin homepage

ThirstyAffiliates is a popular plugin that’s mainly used for auto linking to specific keywords. It has a free version that offers an excellent slew of features, making it a wise choice if you’re just getting started.

Without paying a penny, you can easily manage all your affiliate links, including automatic geolocation links too. This makes links more trustworthy, and also enables manual linking. 

Whenever you want to add a new link, simply search through the Amazon catalog in WordPress, find the product, and you can create a link to it. There’s also a reporting dashboard that you can use to determine how many clicks each link generated.

And, if you go for the paid version, ThirstyAffiliates offers advanced features, such as a 14-day refund, and can even scan keywords to place keywords automatically. 

Key Features

  • Has a free version that offers useful features
  • Automatic keyword linking available
  • Easily link to products directly from your WordPress dashboard
  • Track performance through the reporting dashboard

3. AzonPress

azonpress amazon affiliate plugin homepage

AzonPress is a popular Amazon plugin that allows you to easily organize your affiliate links to products on Amazon through your site. It lets you insert conventional text affiliate links, or you can create more elaborate product displays too.

Like AAWP, you can also create comparison tables and then select a “best pick” from there to drive traffic. Apart from that, you can also showcase product grids or just add simple lists. 

It’s a fairly intuitive plugin that leverages geo-targeting, so you can easily redirect users to their local Amazon store as well. 

Key Features

  • Different product displays
  • Comprehensive product lists
  • An array of custom templates

4. AdSanity

adsanity amazon affiliate plugin homepage

Another excellent Amazon affiliate plugin to choose from is AdSanity. If you have joined multiple affiliate programs, and wish to promote different products on rotation, AdSanity is a good choice.

It’s HTML 5 ready and has an excellent reporting dashboard that lets you easily view just how your ads are performing. Again, it’s important to note that AdSanity isn’t exactly an affiliate plugin, but one that you can use to manage paid ads on your site.

However, if you put up affiliate ads on your site, you should absolutely consider using AdSanity to regularly rotate ads on your site and figure out which ones are getting more traction.

Key Features

  • Ideal for managing ad performance
  • Automatically rotate ads 
  • Geotargeting to really focus on specific audiences

5. WZone

WZone is an excellent WooCommerce plugin that you can use for promoting affiliate products on your site. If you have a WooCommerce store, you can use WZone to easily incorporate affiliate links into your site.

More importantly, WZone lets you easily choose products from Amazon and then display them on your site, much like conventional WooCommerce products. It’s like featuring products on your site, but whenever a person clicks on them, they’re sent to Amazon instead.

The platform uses Amazon’s API to keep all your listings up to date, and it’s generally a very hassle-free option that does its job quite well.

Key Features

  • Automatically updates WooCommerce listings
  • Has a free version
  • Lets you showcase Amazon products as your own 
  • Can also import ratings, available discount coupons, and additional information to your WooCommerce site

6. Lasso

lasso amazon affiliate plugin homepage

Another excellent Amazon affiliate plugin that you can use is Lasso. Lasso lets you easily manage links, create custom product displays (or choose from available templates), and track links through different pages on your site. 

Using the link index tool, you can switch product links from Amazon to any other provider, like Walmart, and there’s a dedicated dashboard that lets you easily keep things in sync. 

And, when a link is broken or a product goes out of stock, Lasso automatically sends you an alert. Apart from managing links, Lasso also lets you customize displays, has a dedicated integration with Amazon, and also has a reporting dashboard that tracks clicks and performance.

Key Features

  • Lets you create best seller lists and comparison tables
  • Import links straight from other plugins
  • Lets you track link health
  • Dedicated Amazon integration available

7. AmaLinks Pro

amalinks pro amazon affiliate plugin homepage

AmaLinks Pro is another popular Amazon affiliate plugin that lets you easily insert text and image links, including CTA buttons, and create custom product displays on your site. 

From tiny buttons indicating Prime eligibility to pricing and CTAs, the plugin makes it easy for you to create tables to compare different products. The information comes straight from Amazon, even in the tables, so it’s updated in real-time. 

It also lets you track events in Google Analytics, and the plugin emphasizes its compliance with Amazon Associates, so you don’t have to worry about getting on Amazon’s bad side.

Key Features

  • Has an excellent Table Builder 
  • Automatically pulls data from Amazon in real-time
  • Lets you manage links efficiently through the dashboard
  • Templates for showcase boxes and custom options available

8. Pretty Links

pretty links amazon affiliate plugin homepage

Pretty Links is an excellent plugin that’s primarily designed to help you manage your affiliate links on site. It automatically places affiliate links throughout your content, going through each page to find opportunities to place the links.

More importantly, Pretty Links makes it easy for you to use QR codes instead of links, or even create branded links. This makes it easy to present links on your site and then easily add them throughout your content. 

If you need a simple tool for managing affiliate links, and geotargeting audiences with localized marketplaces, you can’t go wrong with Pretty Links.

Key Features

  • Very efficient URL shortener 
  • Lets you generate QR codes and share links easily
  • Automatically places links throughout your WordPress site

9. EasyAzon

Next up, we have EasyAzon. This is a simple plugin that you can use to quickly create Amazon affiliate links, using the simple post editor in WordPress. 

The plugin is fairly simple, letting you create different types of affiliate links, ranging from image affiliate links to CTAs, and product information blocks to showcase different products and their thumbnails.

Link localization is done automatically, so you can easily geo-target audiences. If you need a simple tool that’s easy to use and lets you quickly create Amazon affiliate links, this is a great choice. 

Key Features

  • Lets you quickly create text-based affiliate links
  • Automatically apply appropriate attributes to each link
  • Localizes links based on audiences

10. Amazon Link Engine

amazon link engine amazon affiliate plugin homepage

Amazon Link Engine is another free plugin that lets you convert all your Amazon affiliate links into localized links for different audiences. You’ll have to first create a Geniuslink account and then add your Associates ID first.

Once the plugin is installed, you’ll have to also connect it using your API keys. The Amazon Link Engine separates itself from the rest by carefully matching products, so that prices shown are true localized prices, instead of import prices appearing in Amazon. 

Key Features

  • Uses an algorithm to match products via ASIN 
  • Automatically converts Amazon links to localized links
  • Support from Geniuslink

11. AffiliateX

affiliatex amazon affiliate plugin homepage

AffiliateX is a decent Amazon affiliate plugin that’s great for promoting different products. It lets you create different kinds of product tables, CTAs, buttons, and even highlight key specifications. 

The plugin also lets you create comparison sections, build coupon grids, and listings, and even create pros and cons quickly to divert attention to specific products. It comes with built-in blocks and templates that you can use right out of the box.

Key Features

  • Lets you customize each block quickly
  • Relatively lightweight so doesn’t significantly impact website performance
  • Lets you create different types of product displays.

12. Amazomatic

amazomatic amazon affiliate plugin homepage

Amazomatic is a fairly straightforward Amazon plugin that lets you monetize your WordPress site quickly. It’s renowned for its automation capabilities and lets you generate referral links for your existing blog posts.

It also imports items through their ASIN and has a keyword replacer tool that lets you automatically substitute affiliate links on relevant keywords. The problem with Amazomatic is that it doesn’t have any decent reporting functionality.

Key Features

  • Simple tool for quickly adding affiliate links in your site
  • Integrates well with WooCommerce

Which Amazon Affiliate Plugin Do You Use?

If you’re serious about affiliate marketing, using an Amazon affiliate plugin is definitely a wise idea. There are a bunch of different options available, but if you need an all-inclusive plugin that gets the job done, you can’t go wrong with AAWP.

Some plugins may cloak your affiliate links, which goes against Amazon’s affiliate requirements, so it’s important that you avoid doing that. AAWP remains fully compliant with Amazon’s affiliate requirements and even gives you the option to shorten links, so you have nothing to worry about!

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