The Best WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing

February 6, 2024
The Best WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing

With the affiliate marketing industry valued at over $17 billion a year, and with WordPress powering two out of every three websites on the internet, it’s no surprise that a great deal of work has gone into making the two work brilliantly well together.

And nowhere is this perhaps more evident is the wealth of WordPress themes designed for affiliate marketing sites.

Certainly if you are planning on developing a WordPress site for your affiliate marketing business, having the perfect WordPress theme is essential, for both the aesthetic value, and the functionality (including performance).

But this is where many keen affiliate marketers hit a roadblock. because with over 7,400 WordPress themes available, which one should you choose?

To assist with getting over this particular hurdle we have compiled our top 7 WordPress themes that are perfect for an affiliate marketing site.

Our selection of themes, based on our many years’ experience in the industry, is focussed on these key areas:

  • Speed. Affiliate marketing themes need to be fast, delivering great user experience and maximizing conversions.
  • Security. Protecting you and your customers’ data from any attacks.
  • SEO Friendly. Ranking your website high in search engines and driving traffic.
  • Highly customizable. Giving you the ability to create a site that’s unique and individual to you and your affiliate niche.

Plus, all of our recommended WordPress themes for affiliate sites are highly intuitive and have been tested by our experts.

Let’s jump right in!

#1: Astra

Astra is a fast, lightweight, and highly customizable WordPress theme.

The best thing about Astra is that it allows you to customize literally every aspect of your website. You can also choose from 240+ pre-made templates.

In fact, many of these templates are made specifically for affiliate marketers, and for driving conversions.

Website speed plays a critical role in driving revenueevery one-second delay can lead to a loss of 7% conversions.

Fortunately, Astra has you covered, with a 95 out of 99 PageSpeed Insights score.

WIth Astra, you also get a WordPress Theme that is mobile-responsive, SEO-friendly, and seamlessly integrated with all popular page builders such as Elementor. Plus, with their paid plan, you can get 24/7 support and regular updates to keep your website secure and stable.

Astra offers a FREE version, but it’s very limited. If you’re looking to have full access to Astra’s features, you’ll need their paid membership. 

  • Astra annual plan: starting at $49
  • Astra lifetime deal: starting at $227

#2: Divi

Divi is much more than just a WordPress theme, it’s also a completely new website building platform for WordPress – it acts as a page builder which is extremely intuitive.

We absolutely love this feature, and were able to cut a significant time in page creation.

With Divi you get 2,000+ pre-made templates, and 200+ visual elements such as call-to-action, forms, or blog post templates. Plus, Divi has built-in AI tools that let you write content and generate images.

Divi is one of the best themes if your main goal is to design your website quickly.

Also, Divi comes with tons of speed-boosting options that defer unneeded resources, cache requests, and remove render blocking assets.

This is one of the main reasons why Divi was able to reach a perfect speed score.

Plus, everything is intuitive, enabling you to perform bulk actions, copy-and-paste styles, and drag and drop upload any design – Divi is a massive time saver.

You also get performance-based features to fuel your affiliate marketing efforts:

  • Split testing capabilities
  • Powerful conversion insights
  • Email opt-in provider support

There is no FREE version with Divi. The paid membership starts at $89 a year or $249 one-time payment for a lifetime deal.

#3: MH Magazine

Known for its elegant design and versatile functionality, MH Magazine is more than just a theme – it’s a powerful tool for creating professional, content-rich websites.

What sets MH Magazine apart is its focus on presenting content in a way that engages readers. This theme offers a wide range of fully customizable layouts, allowing you to tailor your site to showcase articles, news, and affiliate products very easily. This theme is an ideal choice for websites offering media-rich content, making it particularly ideal for affiliate marketers needing to include product reviews, comparisons, and news updates.

Speed and performance are both essential for affiliate marketing websites, and MH Magazine very much delivers here. It’s especially optimized for fast loading times, making sure that your visitors have a positive browsing experience – something which these days is vital for keeping them engaged and driving conversions.

MH Magazine is also SEO-friendly, significantly boosting your site’s visibility in the search engine results pages. This is critical for organic traffic generation, driving more potential customers to your affiliate marketing site.

For those wondering about customization, MH Magazine offers a huge range of options that enable you to very easily create a website that is as unique as your brand is. Whether it’s changing the color scheme, adjusting the layout, or using widgets to add different content elements, this theme helps you to make your site stand out in the crowded affiliate marketing space.

For most affiliate marketers, plugins are an essential component for a robust, versatile, and effective WordPress website. MH Magazine supports all popular plugins, with no compatibility issues reported. Whether you want to use contact forms, social media sharing tools, or any other essential e-commerce plugins, this theme supports them all with no trouble.

While MH Magazine does offer a free version, investing in the premium version unlocks its full potential. With more features, layouts, and customization options, the premium version boosts your affiliate marketing site to the very highest professional standards, increasing your affiliate marketing success even further.

MH Magazine is a robust and versatile WordPress theme that brilliantly meets the needs of any affiliate marketer. It’s not just about creating a website – it’s about crafting an online presence that fully meets the needs of your audience, supporting your affiliate marketing efforts brilliantly.

#4: Kadence

Kadence lets you create beautifully effective WordPress sites with ease.

This theme is one of the most intuitive ones, and offers a great starter template that needs just a few quick changes – it takes only a few minutes to build your site.

Accessibility is built into Kadence from the beginning. They regularly plan, test and retest their theme to make sure you can have an accessible website – which can enable you to set yourself apart from 90% of competitors with inaccessible websites. This may not seem important, however, it’ll help you serve up to 25% more readers.

Kadence also nicely connects with the most popular page builders and offers 90+ pre-made templates and plenty of elements such as CTAs, forms, or pop-ups.

This theme does not shy away from performance and speed either.

Page speed and performance of your site are a priority at Kadence. That’s why all of their products are constantly optimized – Kadence ranks among the top fastest themes.

Kadence offers a FREE Forever plan with everything you need. 

If you’re looking for additional features, you’ll need a paid membership, which starts at $129 a year.

#5: Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is a WordPress Theme made for creating a successful online business.

It lets you create a conversion focused website, landing pages, lead generation quizzes, online courses, and evergreen campaigns.

Thrive Themes offers you 290+ high-converting landing page templates.

You’ll find every page you need to create an affiliate marketing funnel and promote your products better – maximizing your conversion rates and revenue.

Looking to build an email list to drive your revenue through the roof?

Email marketing is one of the most profitable ways to generate sales, having a massive 122% return on investment.

Source: K6 Agency

Thrive Themes understands its importance and offers tools to let you build a successful email marketing setup.

You can add any type of opt-in form to your website – ribbons, slide-ins, pop-ups and welcome mats in just a couple of clicks.

You can also take advantage of their A/B testing capabilities to maximize your impact.

Plus, you can create quizzes to get to know your audience better, with access to the Thrive Quiz Builder so you can start reaping the advantages of knowing your audience inside out. 

Thrive Themes does NOT offer a FREE version. You’ll need to hop on their paid plan starting at $149 quarterly or $299 a year.

#6: OceanWP

OceanWP is a FREE multi-purpose and popular WordPress theme.

It’s used by huge companies such as HubSpot, Kinsta, WP Beginner, WPDeveloper, and many others you can see below:

It’s a multi-purpose theme because it’s Elementor, WooCommerce, and Gutenberg ready, supporting all of the most popular tools you’re going to use with WordPress and your affiliate marketing/ecommerce journey. 

It’s also SEO-friendly, mobile responsive, and among the fastest WordPress themes. 

Plus, you can customize everything, choose from plenty of templates, and use it with every type of website – they have templates for everything.

When it comes to accessibility, OceanWP helps you capture not only visually impaired customers, but also non-English audiences. This is because it’s completely translation and RTL-ready, ensuring the best user experience for you and your website visitors. 

In case you need any help, there is comprehensive help documentation and 24/7 support from their team.

OceanWP does have a FREE version. With advanced features, the Pro version starts at $43/year.

#7: Ultra

Ultra is a powerful, feature-rich WordPress theme, backed by world-class support.

Its clean design and modern architecture make it perfect for launching your affiliate marketing site.  

Ultra features a fully responsive design ensuring a great experience for all visitors.

It also offers a seamless compatibility with SiteOrigin’s Page Builder and Widgets Bundle, Meta Slider, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, and JetPack. Ultra meets the latest SEO standards giving you the best chance of ranking well – it’s also optimized for speed which helps with SEO too.

Based on the benchmark Underscores starter theme, Ultra’s code is thoroughly checked by the team before going live. This ensures you can keep your website safe and prevent any security threats. 

There’s also comprehensive documentation and support if you have any issues.

Ultra has a FREE version with limited features. However, we definitely recommend going for their lifetime deal, which is just $5 – giving you full access to all features. 

Choose The Right WordPress Theme And Maximize Affiliate Sales

Having the right theme for your website will set you up for success and let you maximize your affiliate marketing efforts.

If you’re looking for additional ways to boost your revenue, we recommend these resources which other affiliate marketers have found useful recently:

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  • Single (or multiple) product boxes. Providing detailed information about one or multiple products.

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