Can I Use Amazon Product Images on my Affiliate Website?

May 13, 2024
Can I Use Amazon Product Photo On My Affiliate Website

Did you know that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and that visual images are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text?

This statistic underscores the pivotal role visuals play in the world of affiliate marketing.

In this article, we delve into a common query among affiliate marketers: “Can I Use Amazon Product Images on my Affiliate Website?” It’s a question that speaks to the heart of effective marketing strategies and compliance with Amazon’s policies.

Throughout this piece, we’ll explore Amazon’s guidelines, the benefits and legal considerations of using Amazon product images, best practices for optimization, alternative strategies, and the invaluable role AAWP plays in boosting the visual appeal of affiliate websites.

Understanding Amazon’s Policies

Amazon’s terms of service regarding the use of product images by affiliates are clear and stringent. These guidelines emphasize the importance of maintaining the integrity of Amazon’s brand and protecting intellectual property rights:

“You will not add to, delete from, or otherwise alter any Program Content in any way, including by adding additional information, except that you may resize Program Content consisting of a graphic image in a manner that maintains the original proportions of the image or truncate Program Content consisting of text in a manner that does not materially alter the meaning of the text or cause the text to become factually incorrect, or misleading. Some types of links that we may make available to you may contain a link to an informational page on an Amazon Site that is not formatted as a Special Link (for example, links to privacy policy information at the bottom of banners); without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you will not remove, obscure, or alter, or make invisible, illegible, or indecipherable to visitors of your Site, any “Privacy Information” link.” Operating Policy

According to a recent survey conducted by Affiliate Summit, a leading conference for affiliate marketers, over 80% of affiliate marketers express concerns about understanding and complying with Amazon’s policies regarding product images. This highlights the importance of clarity and abiding by the rules in this aspect of affiliate marketing.

Legal experts stress the importance of following Amazon’s policies with absolute precision. Sticking firmly to Amazon’s policy requirements is crucial for affiliate marketers to avoid potential repercussions – including having your account immediately closed, losing all accrued income up to that point.

Amazon’s guidelines explicitly state that affiliates are prohibited from altering or modifying product images in any way. This ensures that visuals maintain their authenticity and stick to the brand’s standards. Additionally, affiliates must avoid using Amazon product images in a manner that suggests endorsement or affiliation beyond the agreed scope of the affiliate agreement.

Fully understanding these policies is crucial for affiliate marketers, and AAWP’s integration with the Amazon API offers a solution. By taking advantage of this integration, affiliates gain access to Amazon’s extensive database of product images, simplifying compliance while massively improving the visual appeal of their product listings. We’ll cover how to achieve this a little later in this article.

The Benefits of Using Amazon Product Images

Including product images to promote your affiliate content is a no-brainer. Visuals sell – it’s as simple as that.

There are three main benefits to using Amazon product images to promote your affiliate products – visual appeal, engagement, and conversion:

1. Enhanced Visual Appeal:

    • Product images provide a clear, visual impression of the items being promoted, making it easier for users to understand and visualize the product.
    • Visual content is more appealing and memorable than text alone, capturing the attention of users and encouraging them to explore further

    2. Increased User Engagement:

      • Studies have shown that content with relevant images receives 94% more views than content without visuals.
      • By incorporating Amazon product images, affiliate marketers can create more engaging content that keeps users on their website for longer, increasing the chance of conversions.

      3. Improved Conversion Rates:

        • Research indicates that including product images in marketing materials can lead to a significant boost in conversion rates.
        • Visuals help potential customers make informed purchasing decisions by providing a better understanding of the product’s features and benefits.

        AAWP’s integration with the Amazon API takes the benefits of using product images to the next level:

        4. Higher Quality Images:

        • AAWP allows affiliates to access higher quality product images directly from Amazon’s database, ensuring that their ads feature professional and compelling visuals. Just compare the standard product image provided by Amazon with their SiteStripe tool with the compelling ad made possible with AAWP, and ask yourself which one would you think is more likely to get noticed, and clicked?
        Aawp Allows Affiliates To Access Higher Quality Product Images Directly From Amazons Database

        6. Customization Options:

        • With AAWP’s tools, affiliates can customize the appearance of product ads to suit their brand and target audience preferences. This customization enhances the visual appeal of the ads and increases user engagement. Users have complete control over virtually every element of the Amazon product ad, and are able to choose which elements to hide or show.
        Affiliates Can Customize The Appearance Of Product Ads To Suit Their Brand

        7. Streamlined Process:

        • By integrating with the Amazon API, AAWP simplifies the process of adding high quality product images to affiliate websites, abiding completely by Amazon’s terms. Affiliates can quickly and easily access a vast library of images without the need for manual uploads or formatting.

        Overall, the use of Amazon product images, combined with AAWP’s integration with Amazon, offers affiliate marketers a powerful tool for optimizing their content and driving conversions.

        Best Practices for Using Amazon Product Images

        Using Amazon product images as effectively as possible is essential for maximizing the impact of affiliate marketing efforts. Here is some of our best advice to help affiliate marketers make the most of these visuals:

        1. Choose Relevant and High-Quality Images:

        • Select product images that accurately represent the items being promoted, and which align with the content of your affiliate website.
        • Go for high-resolution images that showcase the product details clearly and attractively.

        2. Optimize Images for SEO:

          • Use descriptive filenames and alt text for product images to improve search engine visibility (where you’re using your own product images in addition to the ad listings generated through SiteStripe or AAWP).
          • Incorporate relevant keywords in the image filenames and alt text to improve SEO and attract a higher volume organic traffic.

          3. Ensure Consistency in Image Size and Layout:

            • Maintain consistency in image size and layout across your website to create a consistent style and appearance. If using AAWP, this is much easier to do, as you have complete control over the style and layout of the adverts, and use templates to display the listings exactly in the way that matches your brand and style.

            4. Customize Appearance with AAWP:

              • Take advantage of AAWP’s features and tools to customize the appearance of product ads. (AAWP allows you to ‘pull out’ specific elements of an Amazon product listing, such as price, description, star rating, product title, product name, and display only these, or exclude them.)
              • Adjust image size, layout, and call-to-action buttons to match your website’s design and branding.

              5. Implement Call-to-Action Buttons:

                • Add compelling call-to-action buttons alongside product images to encourage users to take action, such as “Buy Now” or “Learn More”. However, be aware of Amazon’s policy rule that states:

                  “You will not use a link shortening service, button, hyperlink or other ad placement in a manner that makes it unclear that you are linking to an Amazon Site.”

                  We recommend making sure that either your buttons make it clear that the product is on Amazon, or that you make it clear in some other way that this is an Amazon listing. Transparency is key – and frankly, there’s no benefit in pretending the products aren’t on Amazon, since their reputation and convenience is one of the major selling points of the affiliate scheme.
                • Experiment with different button styles, colors, and placements to optimize user engagement and conversion rates.

                6. Monitor Performance and Make Adjustments:

                  • Regularly track the performance of product images using analytics tools to assess their effectiveness. (ClickWhale is really great for tracking your affiliate links and providing valuable analytics data for this).
                  • Make data-driven decisions to refine your image placement and style choices to help improve user engagement and conversion rates over time.

                  Alternative Image Sources and Strategies

                  While Amazon product images are a valuable resource for affiliate marketers, there are alternative ways of finding or creating images, and additional strategies you can use to drive engagement.

                  1. Original Content Creation:

                    • Create original images or graphics that showcase the products in unique ways. You can do this by ordering the products, and then returning them under Amazon’s 30 day policy. However, we would advise not overdoing this on a regular basis.
                    • By producing original content, affiliate marketers can set themselves apart from their competitors, and create a more distinct brand identity.

                    2. Stock Photos:

                      • Use stock photo websites to find high-quality images that complement your affiliate marketing content.
                      • Stock photos offer a wide variety of visuals to choose from and can be a cost-effective solution for affiliate marketers with limited resources.

                      3. Videos and Interactive Graphics:

                        • Create and use videos or interactive graphics to provide dynamic and engaging content for users.
                        • Videos allow affiliate marketers to demonstrate product features and benefits in a more immersive way, while interactive graphics can help boost user interaction and comprehension.

                        Despite the availability of alternative image sources and strategies, AAWP’s integration with the Amazon API remains a convenient and efficient solution for accessing product images:

                        • Wide Range of Product Images:
                        • AAWP provides affiliates with the ability to control the size and style of product images sourced directly from Amazon, offering a way of creating listings that stand out from most competitors.
                        • Convenience and Efficiency:
                        • With AAWP’s integration, affiliates can quickly and easily find and insert product images into their content without the need for manual uploads or searches on external platforms.
                        Affiliates Can Quickly And Easily Find And Insert Product Images Into Their Content

                        To further illustrate the advantages of using AAWP’s tools, here’s a comparison chart showcasing the benefits of AAWP’s integration versus other image sources and strategies:


                        AAWP Integration

                        Original Content Creation

                        Stock Photos

                        Videos/Interactive Graphics

                        Access to Amazon’s database


                        Convenience and Efficiency




                        Variety of Product Images






                        Depends on AAWP subscription



                        Depends on production cost

                        By weighing the pros and cons of each option, affiliate marketers can determine the most suitable approach for enhancing their visual content and driving engagement with their audience.

                        However, AAWP’s advantages don’t stop with allowing you to easily and conveniently source product images from Amazon and display them in a larger size and better quality than Amazon’s own SiteStripe listings.

                        With AAWP you can insert dynamic content on your WordPress website.

                        What does this mean?

                        Imagine not having to limit yourself to displaying specific products chosen by you, but instead the top bestsellers in a specific category, or even the latest new releases?

                        AAWP gives you complete control over these listings. Simply choose a product category, and the number of items you want to display, and AAWP will do the rest. This means you can benefit from always having the latest products or best selling products on your website, without any effort on your part at all! Show your visitors the most relevant and engaging products automatically, helping keep your website up to date and fresh, every time.


                        Dealing with the complexities of using Amazon product images in affiliate marketing requires a keen understanding of Amazon’s policies and effective strategies for optimization. By sticking to Amazon’s guidelines and using the right tools, affiliate marketers can enhance the visual appeal of their content and drive engagement with their audience.

                        We’ve explored the importance of using high-quality product images, optimizing for SEO and user engagement, and considering alternative image sources and strategies. Throughout, one solution stands out: AAWP.

                        With AAWP, affiliate marketers are able to streamline the process of creating visually appealing product ads. AAWP’s tools and features offer convenience, efficiency, and customization options that empower marketers to stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

                        Now is the time to take your affiliate marketing efforts to the next level. Try out AAWP’s tools for yourself and experience the difference they can make in driving conversions and maximizing revenue. Start creating visually stunning product ads that captivate your audience and boost your affiliate earnings today.

                        Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your affiliate marketing game. Try AAWP now and unlock the full potential of your affiliate website.

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