How to Become an Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Associates is the affiliate marketing program offered by Amazon. You can sign up for free and earn commissions on all the sales you generate for Amazon. It is easy to get started and the earning potential is significant for webmasters. Some people who work on a part-time basis make several hundred dollars monthly, and there are bloggers with large followings who earn millions of dollars each year.

In this article we are going to show you

How Does the Amazon Affiliate Program Work?

Being an affiliate for Amazon is the same as being an online affiliate for other companies. People who own websites, typically bloggers, are paid a percentage of the sales resulting from their marketing efforts. Webmasters promote Amazon products by inserting trackable links into their blog posts and other website content. They can display affiliate ads in the headers, footers and sidebars of their websites too.

Every time a website visitor clicks on an advert or link, they are directed to Amazon. When they buy a product there, the website owner – or ‘affiliate' – earns a percentage commission of the sale price. Commissions for Amazon affiliates range from one percent to ten percent of the product’s value. The exact percentage varies from one product category to the next.

Any business or individual who produces online content of some form, and who has an online following, can increase their wealth with Amazon's affiliate program. Keep reading to find out how to become an Amazon affiliate:

Rules for Amazon Affiliates

Joining Amazon as an affiliate is an excellent way to boost the revenue generated by your website, and make money from hobbies you enjoy. Nonetheless, Amazon has requirements for affiliates to observe, so you should familiarize yourself with these before commencing. Your affiliate account could be suspended, if you violate any of the rules.

Most of the guidelines are designed to prevent abuse of the system, and to ensure that Amazon products are promoted ethically. The full guidelines are available here, however the main things to be mindful of are:

  • Do not mention product prices (although you can in some situations), because prices change regularly (unless you are using an Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin like AAWP – the plugin updates all product data automatically, so you are on the safe side!)
  • You have to state on your website that you might earn a commission from products you recommend
  • None of your product recommendations should contain misleading information
  • Avoid shortening Amazon affiliate links with link shorteners
  • Refrain from using affiliate links for Amazon products in eBooks, emails or offline marketing campaigns

How to Create Amazon Affiliate Account

1) Set up a Blog or a Website

A website or blog is something you will need to create, if you have not done so already, to display the content you use to promote Amazon products. After your blog is launched, your objective over the long term is to publish interesting content that appeals to your target audience. The majority of established Amazon affiliates create blogs about topics they enjoy, such as travel, cooking, woodworking, diving or camping, etc.

There are a huge number of niches you could choose, but it is best to opt for something that you genuinely care about. To succeed as an Amazon affiliate, you will have to immerse yourself in this topic regularly. A good thing about Amazon Associates is that, once your website is created, you can submit your affiliate application immediately. You do not require a large number of website visitors. Simply build your blog on a platform like WordPress, develop a sound content strategy, then become an Amazon affiliate straightaway.

2) How to Sign up for Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Associates Homepage - Become an Amazon Affiliate
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It is easy to register for Amazon's affiliate program. Firstly, visit the Homepage for the Amazon Affiliate Program, then click on the ‘Sign up' button. Log in with an existing Amazon Account or create a new one. After that you will be prompted to provide your account details, like your name, email address and home address. Also, you will need to provide the mobile app and website links where you intend to use affiliate URLs, banners or adverts. As many as fifty mobile app and website links can be entered.

Become an Amazon Affiliate
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The next stage of the application process involves choosing an ID for your store. In addition, you have to provide further details about your mobile apps or websites, and the products you wish to promote. Product topics can be selected from a dropdown menu. These include things like books, apparel, movies or gaming – which relate to your mobile apps or websites. Then, you have to explain how you intend to generate website traffic, how you normally approach link building, how your apps and websites make money, and how many unique website visitors you receive each month.

Become an Amazon Affiliate Signup
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After you have completed this section, you just have to type in your telephone number and click ‘Call Me Now'. Amazon will then call you with a PIN that you have to input to finish setting up your account. At this point, you can provide your tax and payment details. Alternatively, you can leave this till later and visit your account dashboard, to start generating Amazon affiliate links.

Become an Amazon Affiliate Signup Complete
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When you know what products you want to advertise, Amazon offers a couple of simple ways to generate links:

Generate Amazon Affiliate Links
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As an approved affiliate, you will see the ‘SiteStripe' tool in the top left corner of your screen after logging into Amazon. This enables you to look for Amazon products in a way that imitates normal shopping. Features like ‘People Also Buy' and Recommendations highlight products with good reviews. Once you discover a product that you want a link for, select your preferred style of link (Image, Text, or Text and Image) and Amazon provides you with a link to use on your website.

Generate Amazon Affiliate Links
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Alternatively, once you are logged into Amazon, navigate to the Amazon Associates homepage using the SiteStripe bar. Next, choose Product Linking and Product Links to display the product search engine. With this, you can search Amazon categories and apply additional filters. For instance, if you choose ‘Accessories & Clothing', you can filter results by ‘Men' or ‘Women', etc. Another option is to conduct searches based on model numbers and brands, specific keywords or ISBN numbers for books. After you locate a suitable product, you can choose an Image link (with a hyperlink embedded), a Text link or a Text and Image link.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing With Amazon

Suffice to say, you should publish high quality content on your website to build an audience, and include affiliate links that direct people to relevant products. The following types of content are proven to work well:

  • Guides for Beginners – These are particularly effective if you have a hobby-related website. List all the things that beginners need to start with, and explain the reasons. Separate recommended products into vital and non-vital categories, so readers are not overwhelmed with options. Both category types can have a few product links included.
  • A Buyer's Guide – Produce a detailed guide with things to consider before buying a product. Recommend certain products as part of your advice.
  • Instruction Texts – Teach people a new skill and recommend some products along the way.
  • Summaries – Produce lists or collections of good products that you have personal experience with, and include links to Amazon. Give a mini review of each product and convey its' benefits.
  • Gift Idea Blog Posts – Cash in on the demand for gifts during the holidays, by creating a list of different priced products. Explain why each gift would appeal to people.

You have to make a minimum of one sale within six months of becoming an Amazon affiliate, otherwise you will lose your account. This is why having a clearly defined content strategy is so important. Begin with a single blog post, mention some recommended products, then continue to publish content regularly. Once you have completed the upfront work, you will love seeing money appear in your bank account like magic!

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