Our Amazon Affiliate plugin allows you to filter products according to different criteria which is very helpful and allows you to optimize your click-trough-rate.

Why Filtering Products makes Sense

In some special situations, it may be necessary to give your visitor, not just a standard product box or a list. Especially not if you want to give your visitors the opportunity to buy products according to different criteria such as the price.

Here you can find an overview of some very helpful filter criterias:

  • Current offers
  • Products cheaper than 100 (EUR/USD etc.)
  • Products between 100 and 200
  • Products with a price of exactly 100
  • Available products only

Alternatively, the filter attributes can also be applied to the titles of individual products. This allows you to specify, that only products are displayed, which for example:

  • include a specific word in the title
  • or aren’t displayed, if the title contains a specific word

Filter Products: The Pros and Cons

All of our available filter attributes bring some benefits to you and your visitors. This way you can specify the criteria, with which products have to be issued on different pages.

This gives your visitors the opportunity to view the integrated products according to your defined criteria (e.g. current offers, products cheaper than 100, etc.). Besides the fact, that this creates a better user experience, it also increases your click-through rate.

We’ve summarized the advantages and disadvantages of the filter attributes below:


  • Filter by price category
  • Filter by availability
  • Filtering between different price segments
  • Filter for reduced offers
  • Filter by title


  • Adaptation in shortcode is necessary

Case study: How to place offers

If you want to display products with reduced prices on your site, the following shortcode attributes are required:

  • filterby="price"
  • filter="offer"

The value “price” queries the Amazon product's current price. The additional value “offer” then filters the prices according to current offers or reduced prices.

Tip: Of course you can find more examples of our filter attributes in our documentation on ‘How-to filter products'..

Applying the filter

In our example, for displaying reduced products only, the list template is ideal. The presentation itself is very compact and provides a perfect overview about the most important facts.

Imagine, that we’re using the box shortcode in combination with a handful of ASINs (of course, this can also be done with the bestseller and new releases shortcode).

Output without Filter

To see how the filter affects the list template, we first take a look at the output without using the shortcode filter attributes:

filter products with list template: With filter

The used shortcode looks as follows:

[amazon box="B00ZR4QMFQ,B00KX1LXTI,B01F5LEMZW,B00MAH2E5K,B01H4YST1Q" template="list"]

Output with Filter

Now we're adding the shortcode attributes “filterby” and “filter”, with the corresponding values. The number of stored products won't change. This is how the updated list looks like:

filter products with list template: Without filter

The used shortcode looks as follows:

[amazon box="B00ZR4QMFQ,B00KX1LXTI,B01F5LEMZW,B00MAH2E5K,B01H4YST1Q" template="list" filterby="price" filter="offer"]


The shortcode attributes for filteing product criteria such as prices and titles offer you many different and above all useful options as a user of our plugin.

Because with the filters you allow your visitors the view and selection of price categories, or specific product titles.

About the author: Florian is the founder and main developer of AAWP and other awesome WordPress related tools. Besides coding, he loves doing sports and watching his favorite series. Follow him on Twitter


  1. Hi
    How can I use several filters in a shortcode? For example, offers and availability

  2. I’m trying to use the shortcode: [amazon bestseller="maquetas tamiya" grid="3" filterby="price" filter="100" filter_compare="more" items="9"]

    but it only shows me 1 product. I know that there are a lot of products that has more price than 100. What happens with it?

  3. Hello

    How can I use several filters in a shortcode? For example, offers and availability


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