How to Track Amazon Affiliate Links in WordPress

March 18, 2024
How To Create Affiliate Links From Amazon — Ultimate Guide

Amazon is a great place for affiliate marketers to make money – but there’s one huge problem… 

…Amazon doesn’t provide reports on which of your links are getting clicks.

This makes it extremely difficult to track and optimize your results. If you want to see data about your clicks, you’ll need another tracking method.

Fortunately, there are two good solutions, so you don’t have to be left in the dark about your campaign performance. 

With the ClickWhale plugin, you can easily track Amazon affiliate links in WordPress to boost conversions and earn more commissions. And the latest update of the Amazon Associates WordPress Plugin (AAWP) also provides advanced click tracking.

In this guide, we’ll tell you why you should be tracking links – and how to do it with both ClickWhale and the latest release of AAWP.

Why Track Amazon Affiliate Links 

Amazon affiliate links are URLs with a unique ID that tell you which pages are converting the best, and which products receive the most sales from those pages. 

Here are several reasons why you should be tracking your affiliate links

  • Discover new content opportunities. When tracking affiliate links you’ll notice the types of content that are getting the most sales. Using this data you can identify similar topics and produce content promoting those links. 
  • Measure marketing campaign effectiveness. When running multiple affiliate campaigns on your site you can measure the ROI, so you can identify your top traffic sources. 
  • Find high-earning affiliates. You’ll know which Amazon affiliate products get the most clicks and have the best conversion rates, allowing you to maximize profits. 

Now that you know the benefits, here’s how to track your links with ClickWhale

Using ClickWhale for Amazon Affiliate Link Tracking

If you’ve ever used the Amazon Associates scheme, you’ll know how unattractive their affiliate links are. These links can have hundreds of characters, making them difficult to share:

Super Long Amazon Affiliate Link

Shortening your URLs ensures you have concise, SEO-friendly links that are easy to share, while also allowing you to measure clicks and other engagement metrics.

ClickWhale is a free WordPress plugin that lets you shorten, manage, and analyze affiliate links on your website. 

Here’s how to shorten and categorize affiliate links with ClickWhale:

1. Install the ClickWhale Plugin 

Install the free ClickWhale plugin from the either the WP plugins page, or directly from

ClickWhale Link Shortener

2. Get an Affiliate Link

You can find your affiliate link for any Amazon product by searching the Amazon store whilst logged in with your Amazon Associates account. 

On the Amazon Associates SiteStripe header, choose ‘Text’ to grab the link. 

Get Amazon Affiliate Link for Product

Once you have a link, you’ll need to go to the ClickWhale plugin inside your WordPress website and add it there.

You simply click on the ‘Add new’ button in the Links section inside the ClickWhale plugin.

Add New Link ClickWhale

From there, you’ll fill in all the important information – the link name, URL, description, and category. We highly recommend you also include keywords (search terms that users type into Google) inside the link title and slug – and keep it concise for the best results.

That’s it. You just need to hit the Save link button, and the link will be added to ClickWhale.

Link Settings ClickWhale

3. Categorize Links for Better Organization

If you promote products in different niches you can create separate categories to distinguish your links. Grouping your affiliate links by category, product, or any other criteria makes it much easier to access the necessary links quickly.

Begin by creating all of the necessary categories for your links.

ClickWhale Category

After that, add a category to each of your products:

Assign Category

Once you’ve completed this process you will then be able to filter your products by the categories to access the appropriate links faster.

Filter by Category

Amazon Link Click Tracking With ClickWhale and AAWP

The information gained from link tracking is essential for optimizing your affiliate campaigns since it allows you to discover which links are performing well and which ones need to be axed. You can double down on ones that are performing well, and update underperforming content.

There are two ways you can track your Amazon link clicks.

ClickWhale Link Tracking

ClickWhale lets you track your links directly on WordPress without relying on external tracking tools such as Google Analytics.

Click Statistics

As a result, you won’t need to worry about discrepancies in data between those external services and your WordPress site, any of which may use different tracking methods.

However, as you can see, you only get the most basic data – the number of clicks.

AAWP Link Tracking

The AAWP plugin allows for more accurate tracking of performance, and complete control over your data – with a lot more trackable information.

On top of the number of clicks metric you’d get with ClickWhale, you’ll also gain insights about:

  • Where exactly the product box was clicked. Whether it was the product image, the title, or the buy button that was clicked.
  • Information about the user who clicked. The date of the click, the OS, the device, and the browser used.

Also, you’ll get a configurable chart for filtering and displaying the data over a certain period of time.

AAWP Link Tracking

To activate link tracking, head over to the AAWP plugin settings page and turn ‘link tracking’ on.

You can also exclude certain user roles for tracking. This makes sense since you don’t want to count clicks you make yourself while working on your site.

AAWP Settings

If you’re looking to make data-driven decisions, we suggest going with the AAWP plugin since it gives you much more data that you can leverage for future growth.

Of course, click tracking by AAWP only works when you place products (and links) with the plugin itself.

Download the AAWP plugin and get your data now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still curious about tracking affiliate links in WordPress?

Here are some of the most popular questions we get asked about using ClickWhale for Amazon affiliate links.

Can You Rebrand Amazon Affiliate Links to Your Domain Name? 

Unfortunately, Amazon Associates has it in their guidelines that you can’t rebrand their links. This helps them ensure their transactions can be accurately tracked and paid out. 

While ClickWhale can change affiliate links to your domain name, it’s best to follow Amazon’s terms of service.

However, what you can do is to create a branded link that directs people to a product listing page on your own site, which then has the direct affiliate links to Amazon. This can be a good strategy to use on social media.

How to Create Affiliate Links for Influencers?

You can install a reliable plugin like ClickWhale to create affiliate links and manage them. This allows you to send influencers unique links for each person, so they can share them on social media. 

They can even create a link page with ClickWhale that contains all the necessary links to your Amazon products. 

Want to Automate the Whole Process?

Managing your Amazon affiliate links can be stressful, especially when determining your content’s effectiveness. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be with ClickWhale. 

Shortening and categorizing your links can improve your organization, save time, and increase your chances of earning more affiliate commissions. But setting it up and doing the whole Amazon affiliate marketing manually is not optimal.

And that’s where the Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin comes in – automating everything!

AAWP will let you generate affiliate links, configure your site to improve conversions, and automatically pull data from Amazon stores. If you’re looking to scale your earnings through Amazon Affiliates, this is a must-have. 

Get AAWP today and supercharge your Amazon affiliate sales right now.

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