We're glad to announce version 3 of the Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin. One of the principal points of the update was the switch over to a new Amazon API library. This step was necessary in order to fix some connection issues and prepare the plugin for some upcoming features.

  • As one of the main impacts of the update, AAWP requires PHP v5.3 or newer from now on.
  • The second one is the fact that we renamed the plugin folder and mail file. Therefore you need to reactivate the plugin and reconnect the Amazon API after finishing the update

In case your webhosting is out-of-date, please upgrade the installed PHP version manually or contact your hosting provider. The old version will be available on your account page temporarily.

Finally here's the complete changelog including a lot of new features, enhancements and some fixes.



  • Added “connect”, “disconnect” and “reconnect” buttons to the API settings page
  • Added support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) when using official WordPress AMP plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/amp/
  • Added short affiliate urls
  • Added settings option which allows you to force long affiliate urls
  • Added “image_link” attribute for overwriting or removing (use “none”) product thumbnail links via shortcode
  • Added settings option which allows you apply the title adding on thumbnail link titles as well
  • Added settings option which allows you display an Amazon Prime logo besides the pricing whenever Prime is available for the related product (not available for all countries)
  • Earn extra commissions with the newly added Amazon Prime logo whenever a user clicks the logo and signs up for the free trial (not available for all countries)
  • Added “tracking_id” attribute for overwriting the used Amazon affiliate tracking id via shortcode (doesn't work for long affiliate urls)
  • Added Spanish translations (thanks Hendrik!)
  • Added PHP 7 support


  • Better product description building for items of the following categories: Shoes, AudioCDs, Movies and Prime Videos
  • Products which are out of stock now show a note instead of an empty pricing
  • Products which are only available for “used” condition now show a note instead of an empty pricing
  • Enhanced plugin settings “Support” tab in order to give better (and visual) feedback about your current system and possibly missing PHP extensions
  • Enhanced plugin settings “Amazon API” in order to give visual feedback whenever the API is not connected
  • Updated plugin settings “tracking id” translations and added description in order to avoid unclarity


  • Occasionally occurred missing product images
  • Connection issues result in “Amazon Product Advertising API is currently not available” notice
  • Removed some error notices coming from the API library
  • Removed API routine checks to prevent connection issues
  • Accidentally the product title adding was shown on image alt tags


  • Replaced Amazon API library
  • Removed support for PHP versions older than 5.3
  • Renamed plugin folder and main file
  • PHP templates files were updated and might require your custom templates to be adjusted!

Hope you enjoy the new update and in case of some questions or issues feel free to contact us.

About the author: Florian is the founder and main developer of AAWP and other awesome WordPress related tools. Besides coding, he loves doing sports and watching his favorite series. Follow him on Twitter

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