Today we’re excited to announce the release of version 3.1.2 of the Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin. This update includes a bunch of new features like click tracking for affiliate links, plus several improvements and fixes.

Click tracking

Over the last few weeks a lot of you asked for the opportunity to track click on affiliate links which are generated by the plugin. We added this feature which can be activated via the plugin settings from now on. In order to use this you only have to place a Google Analytics or Piwik tracking code on your site. AAWP will automatically detect both tools and makes use of their event tracking functionality.

Updating custom templates

In case you want to use click tracking with your custom templates, you have to update them.

Therefore simply apply the_product_container function to the container of a single product. According to the box template example above, you can see how it's done correctly. Of course you can take a look into the original templates provided by AAWP and compare them with yours. If you have any troubles updating your templates, feel free to contact us.


Finally here’s the complete changelog including the new features, enhancements and some bug fixes:

  • New: Added affiliate link click tracking which can be enabled via settings. Currently supporting Google Analytics & Piwik
  • New: Added Amazon logo for link shortcode which can be selected via settings and/or shortcode
  • New: Added “star_rating” shortcode attribute accepting the value “none” for hiding the star rating
  • New: Added “reviews” shortcode attribute accepting the value “none” for hiding the star rating
  • New: Added field values “asin”, “ean” and “isbn”
  • Improvement: Optimized cache handling when using third party caching plugins and object cache
  • Improvement: Enhanced filter functionality, added opportunities by filtering prices and checking multiple strings for titles
  • Fix: Error message: Could not resolve host:
  • Fix: PHP implode warning: class.aawp-api.php
  • Fix: eBooks with costs accidentally showed 0.00 EUR as price
  • Fix: Remove double quotes from html titel/alt tags which broke up the markup
  • Fix: Affiliate links table on settings page broke layout on small window sizes using Chrome browser

About the author: Florian is the founder and main developer of AAWP and other awesome WordPress related tools. Besides coding, he loves doing sports and watching his favorite series. Follow him on Twitter


  1. Hello!
    I have activated the analytics option from the AAWP plugin, but now I do not know how to look for the clicks in my Google Analytics account.
    Could you expand the information?
    Thank you!

  2. Hello!

    I have also activated the analytics option from the AAWP plugin, but clicks do not get recorded in the Google Analytics account. Why should it take more than one day for it to appear?

    Also, would it be possible to set up the kind of event that needs to be launched?

    Thank you,

    Best regards!

    1. Hey Luis,

      there can be several reasons why clicks are not showing up in your Google Analytics account.

      Please wait at least 24 hours and get in touch with us directly ( ) in case there is still no data shown. Don’t forget to pass the url where you placed some of our boxes so we can take a look at on our own.

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