What Is Amazon OneLink And Why You Should Use It

January 23, 2023
What Is Amazon OneLink And Why You Should Use It

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, making a revenue of over $469 billion in 2021 – more than a 21% increase from the previous year!

It has a huge inventory of products and services for every need, but that inventory is spread out over many different international websites. That can make it hard both as an Amazon affiliate and as a consumer, especially with prices displayed in a range of currencies, depending on which version of the site you visit through an affiliate link. The solution: Amazon OneLink.

This post will explain what Amazon OneLink is, why you should use it, and how to make money while serving an international audience. We’ll talk about how it works and why using this tool could help increase sales for your affiliate business!

The International Problem With Amazon

Without Amazon OneLink, Amazon does not give international customers the correct local store’s price.

This is a problem because when one country’s currency is stronger than another country’s currency, you will lose sales if you don’t provide them with the correct local price.

Imagine that you are selling a book on your Amazon US site, and an overseas customer comes along who wants to buy the book – but he doesn’t want to pay $19.99 USD, which is what it costs in America (because their dollar is stronger). Instead, he would rather pay £14.99 GBP (their pound), which will cost him less money than buying from Amazon UK because of exchange rates at the time of purchase – even though this means shipping from across an ocean!

The International Solution With Amazon OneLink

Amazon OneLink solves that by providing a single link to all your international affiliates.

Amazon OneLink is a single link that works for all international affiliates, meaning if you have multiple merchant accounts on different Amazon stores, you can use the same affiliate link to buy products in all of them. It’s also available in every country where Amazon operates, so no matter where your customers are located, they will be able to buy products with this one simple URL.

Understanding The Benefits Of Amazon OneLink

Amazon OneLink provides a special link that can be used to promote any Amazon product. It works on any domain and in any category, so you can use it to sell anything from books to new cars.

OneLink allows you to create links that go directly to the product page but with no tracking code or affiliate ID attached. You can also link through your email signature or blog posts without having to change anything manually ever again!

As an example, if you’re running a travel blog, your readers will see products in their local currency and with the pricing adjusted to their location. This means that when someone is reading your blog who’s traveling from the UK to Italy, they’ll be able to see prices in pounds and pence instead of having to do the math to convert them into euros or dollars.

This feature is great for travel blogs because it allows readers around the world to easily understand what something costs when they visit other countries. But it’s also useful for eCommerce sites that want buyers from different countries but don’t want them feeling like they’re being ripped off because of exchange rates or conversion fees (which can be significant).

Foreign Exchange With OneLink

One thing to know about Amazon OneLink is that it’s entirely automatic. You don’t need to set up any kind of currency conversion or do anything else on your site – just add the OneLink code, and you’re good to go! Another thing to know is just how easy the code is to use. It doesn’t require any changes on your end at all; just put it in place, and you’re good!

This means there is no extra work for you or your affiliates! Amazon handles the exchange rate and currency conversion.

When your readers click through to buy from your affiliate site, the purchase happens seamlessly in their local currency. It’s that simple!

Use Amazon Onelink To Earn More Commissions

In order to use Amazon OneLink, you’ll need to be an Amazon Associate and have a website with a unique URL. This means that the product’s link will go straight back to the page with all your affiliate links on it.

Amazon OneLink works by using a special tag in your HTML code so that when someone clicks on that link, they’ll be brought directly back to Amazon’s site, where they can purchase the item or see related products. The benefit of this is two-fold: an increased chance of conversion (since it’s easier for shoppers), plus you get credit for each sale!

How To Use Amazon OneLink (2 Methods)

If you’re unfamiliar with how Amazon OneLink works, here’s a quick rundown. You can use it with two different methods:

The first method is to use the default settings of Amazon OneLink. This means that if someone clicks through from your website or another site, they will be taken straight to the corresponding listing page in their browser window without any further action on their part. They won’t have to click “add to cart” or check out with any information other than their name and shipping address (if they choose).

The second method is by using dynamic URLs instead of static URLs when linking back up with your specific product listings on Amazon’s site. Dynamic URLs are much more complicated but offer some benefits over static ones – for example, since these URLs change depending on which page you’re looking at, users who click through from social media platforms like Facebook will see an infinite scroll rather than having their browsers jump around randomly between pages as they would otherwise do when using a standard URL link shared across multiple webpages (and pages).


If you have international site visitors visiting your Amazon affiliate website, blog or social media channels, use Amazon OneLink to make sure they see the correct products for their country. It’s a simple way to increase sales and improve conversion rates.

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