Amazon Partner Networks

The Amazon Partner Network is one of the largest affiliate programs in the world and enables affiliates to earn commission.

What is the Amazon Partner Network?

The Amazon Partner Network is Amazon’s own In-house affiliate program and goes by the name of PartnerNet.

This program is popular with affiliates, bloggers and niche website owners. You can earn a reimbursement of up to 12% of your advertising costs through a product or new customer. The exact commission depends on the product category.

The following link provides a detailed list of the advertising reimbursement that is awarded:

What are the Amazon PartnerNet networks?

Across the world, there are currently 21 Amazon partner networks and you can register as an affiliate on these.

Below is a list of all the partner networks that our plugin supports:

Amazon Australia
Amazon Belgium
Amazon Brazil
Amazon Canada
Amazon China
Amazon France
Amazon Germany
Amazon India
Amazon Italy
Amazon Japan
Amazon Mexico
Amazon Netherlands
Amazon Poland
Amazon Saudi Arabia
Amazon Spain
Amazon Sweden
Amazon Singapore
Amazon Turkey
United Arab Emirates
Amazon UK
Amazon USA

If you get foreign visitors to your website, you should also consider registering with one or the other foreign Amazon networks to earn commission.

Promoting products through a partner network

At this point, we would like to point out that you can only ever promote products through one partner network. This means that you cannot use multiple partner networks at the same time.

For example, if you want to promote products on your blog from the German Amazon store, you need to set as the country under the “Amazon API” tab. However, if you would like to promote products from a Spanish Amazon store, must be set as the country and then saved.

Anyone who runs multiple sites can, of course, easily specify different countries or partner networks for each country.

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