• Harsh Agrawal
    Harsh Agrawal
    AAWP is the "Swiss Army Knive" for Amazon affiliates. It is conversion-focused and helps affiliates to quadruple the affiliate earnings in no time, with the same traffic. A must-have for every Amazon affiliate.
  • Deepak Choudhary
    Deepak Choudhary
    I am using AAWP plugin for few of my Amazon affiliate sites. I am quite amazed by its features. Once it was connected with the Amazon API, it automatically displays the latest price and images even if Amazon changes the price or an image of a product. Everything happens dynamically. What's more, it contains outstanding features like bestsellers list, product boxes, comparison tables, multiple geo targeting and many more. AAWP plugin has boosted my conversions & CTRs. With AAWP plugin you will always remain sure that you are on the right side of Amazon's TOS. It's a must have tool for Amazon affiliate websites.
  • Andrey Ichshenko
    Andrey Ichshenko
    I got the plugin around 6 months ago. Before getting it, I always thought - why pay when you can insert the Amazon links for free? So for every product on my site, I had to insert the Amazon "buy now" image, generate the code, add it to the image, rinse and repeat. It did take me a tremendous amount of time, but my frugal nature didn't let me spend any money. One day I was chatting with a friend on forum, and he suggested using a plugin to save time and increase the conversion rates. Well, I gave it a shot. In short, it was one of the best shots I've taken. First of all, the process became a lot less time-consuming. In order for the plugin to pull up the image of the product, title, and a short description, you just have to enter is the ASIN number. The rest is done for you. They would be silly to say that the sales skyrocketed after that (because it sounds like the cheesiest sales pitch), but it skyrocketed my confidence in the site. My blog looks like a million dollars now! On the side note, I've had a few questions along the way and have been assisted in a timely manner every single time - the support is great. To sum up, it's worth every penny. Using AAWP now, I can't see myself going back to the manual work. Great job!
  • Cristian Gonzalez
    Cristian Gonzalez
    The AAWP plugin helps us focus on creating great content without worrying about the Amazon API issues. It's very useful, easy to set up and tweak. The different templates and the personalization of those make it very attractive to improve and optimize CTRs and conversions. And also it looks great!
  • Romuald Fons
    Romuald Fons
    If you are serious about making top-notch money with affiliate marketing, then AAWP is definitely the plugin for you! Since I started using it in all my AA projects the conversion rates, CTR’s and (most importantly) Amazon Affiliates earnings have gone to the roof. Very user-friendly, easy set-up and great customization options. Simply the best Amazon Affiliate plugin out there by far!
  • Brian Jackson
    Brian Jackson
    Having flipped multiple sites over the years and now focusing on building “authority” niche sites, I have used a lot of different internet marketing WordPress plugins. Typically every year new ones pop up and I replace old ones due to their lack of innovation or because support has dropped off the face of the planet. But not with AAWP. I have used AAWP since day one and I can’t express just how easy it is. I’ve never had a single problem with it, which is saying something. New features come out all the time (all which comply with Amazon’s and Google’s policies) and the developer is one of those guys you get to know and can have a genuine conversation with. AAWP is truly an asset to the WordPress community for those trying to boost their income through affiliate marketing and Amazon. Do yourself a favor, ditch your other Amazon plugins and just buy AAWP… you won’t regret it.
  • Erik P.
    Erik P.
    owner of multiple AA sites
    AAWP has solved all of my Amazon Associates problems! Florian and his team have created a plugin that surpasses the others and LEAVES THEM IN THE DUST. You can do anything you want--text links, large images, custom CSS buttons... even beautiful comparison tables that will systematically increase your earning potential. If you want a reliable, rock-solid way to handle all of your AA sites, look no further than AAWP. It gives you everything you need to get the best conversions from your audience and most importantly--AAWP MAKES SURE THAT YOU ARE AMAZON COMPLIANT! They have the Amazon TOS as a main priority and do not take any shortcuts with the API. As if that wasn't enough, their support has been great. Thanks again to Florian and his team for this BEAST of a plugin!
  • Vladimir Bestic
    Vladimir Bestic
    This might look like a generic testimonial but I've actually used AAWP for a year and I'm impressed with it. It's the best plugin for Amazon associates. It can display any Amazon data through API. Images, star rating, number of reviews, titles. You just insert ASIN code and everything will load & update automatically.
  • Rohan S.
    Rohan S.
    I used Amazon Affiliate for Wordpress in multiple sites, and all of these sites have been very successful. I am able to do almost anything I want with Amazon products and information, by using this plugin. I can create all kinds of lists like bestsellers and latest products, and display them in many formats. This Wordpress plugin makes it very easy to display Amazon bestsellers and earn money. Support is very good, and the plugin is upgraded often. Keep up the good work AAWP!
  • The AAWP plugin conversion and CTR is amazing! Once I started to use the plugin on all my sites, I saw an immediate increase in commissions. It also makes my sites look much more professional. I love tapping into the Amazon API to pull images, make my own charts and tables plus I know I am abiding by Amazon's TOS. AAWP is a must have tool for anyone running Amazon affiliate websites!
  • WPLift
    Plugin review
    This is a very polished and well made plugin – everything operates exactly as it should, easy to configure with a good amount of customization options. The resulting output looks good and should fit in well with any theme you choose to use – having the option to tweak it with some custom CSS is a bonus if something is not displaying quite right for you. Including Amazon links in your posts can be quite lucrative, I personally have earned a lot of money from the Associates program – if you have a website or blog which talks about products quite often, using this plugin can add an extra later of monetization to your site. I found that over Christmas and Black friday sales go through the roof so by using this plugin you should be able to make some extra money which in turn will pay for the plugin cost. I found the plugin developer friendly and helpful in the course of reviewing this plugin so you will be in good hands if you ever require any support.