As you have probably noticed over the past few months, Amazon is shutting down the old Product Advertising API version 4 completely in a few days. What changes will take effect on the deadline and what you have to do is explained below.

The abbreviation API stands for Application Programming Interface and in this case is an interface to the Amazon product database. Our plugin uses this interface to retrieve information such as current prices and product descriptions.

To communicate with the API, our plugin uses the API keys you provide.

When will the switch to the new Amazon Product Advertising API take place?

So far, the so-called version 4 of Amazon's interface was in use. From March 9th, 2020 the old interface will be switched off and replaced by version 5.

From the date mentioned above it will no longer be possible to communicate with the old API.

Is AAWP already compatible with the new API v5?

Good news for all AAWP customers: We have already changed our plugin to the new API v5 at the end of October 2019, with the release of the v3.9 update (see Changelog).

The latest version of our plugin, can be downloaded by all customers with an active license directly from the customer dashboard.

You have questions about the migration to the new API 5?

In our documentation you will find a detailed article that should answer any further questions you may have about the migration to the new API.

Here you can find further information

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  1. Hi, Do I have an option to create table without having API Access? I’m not having API access and I would like to create a comparison table manually, Is it possible with AAWP? It will be really great for people like to use it until we get the API access?

    1. Hi, Tim,

      unfortunately you can only use our plugin with a valid API. If you cannot use an API yet, you will have to create a manual table and include products manually via Amazon PartnerNet (SiteStripe, Widgets).


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