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Currently, Amazon is the world's biggest Internet retailer, with sales figures that show no sign of abating. Many users of the website are Prime members and rarely shop anywhere else. In the present circumstances, there is a huge opportunity for vendors on this platform. Lots of entrepreneurs have realized this and sell their own products on Amazon. This has resulted in some notable successes.

Nonetheless, the fact that there are a large range of products on Amazon does not guarantee that you will sell everything you list on the site. To build a thriving Amazon business, you have to select suitable products to offer consumers. By identifying in-demand products with healthy profit margins, you will earn money very quickly.

With that said, how do you determine the best items to sell on Amazon? We have put together the following guide, which will point you towards products you can base your business on:

The Best Things to Sell on Amazon

To get your creative juices flowing, here are some of Amazon's highest selling products and product categories. There is no single way to find the best product to sell on Amazon that works for everyone. Notwithstanding, some items are much more likely to be successful:

Best Products to Sell on Amazon: Products for Babies

Selling baby products can be extremely profitable for several reasons. Firstly, the majority of these items are lightweight and compact, which means the shipping fees are low. Secondly, there is never any shortage of demand for these products. And thirdly, infants grow out of different products quickly, so parents need to keep purchasing new ones.

Best Products to Sell on Amazon: Books

Items in this category that sell well include memoirs and biographies, diet books, recipe books and cookbooks, fictional books, books for children, thriller/suspense books and comics. Although we live in a digital age, physical books are still as popular as ever. They can be sourced easily, because they are available from wholesalers, retail outlets and garage sales. Even better, books have large profit margins, so they are an excellent option for all types of sellers.

Best Products to Sell on Amazon: Kitchen Accessories

Now is an opportune time to sell culinary accessories, because increasing numbers of people are becoming diet conscious. Basic kitchen tools, such as ladles, knives, placemats and spatulas are in constant demand. Moreover, these items are lightweight, compact and simple to ship, so you can maintain low overheads.

Best Products to Sell on Amazon: Electronic Devices

Everybody wants the latest gadgets, and fortunately new ones are being released on a regular basis. Most of these gadgets have accessories that can be sold with them too. Although this category is prone to saturation, the sheer number of electronic items available means that the potential is still huge. By keeping abreast of current trends and monitoring what products are popular, you can certainly grow a profitable business.

How to Find Items to Sell on Amazon

Your initial task, when finding products to sell on Amazon, is to narrow your search down to items that have the best profit potential. Variables to take into account include

  • durability,
  • shipping weight,
  • competition,
  • category popularity,
  • Amazon seller fees,
  • shipping fees and
  • wholesale price.

The majority of Amazon products are priced from $10 to $50. Therefore, you should select items that you can list fairly cheaply, but still make a profit on.

Amazon provides two options for vendors – the Individual Plan and the Professional Plan. You pay $39.99 each month for the Professional Plan, along with per-product selling fees that vary from one category to another. As an alternative, the Individual Plan imposes a fee of $0.99 for each product sold, as well as additional, category dependent selling fees. There is no monthly fee with the Individual Plan, so this is a wise option if you intend to sell under forty products.

Best things to sell on Amazon - Best Seller
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On the Amazon website, you can see which products are in highest demand with the Best Sellers list. This list is updated each hour, and you can conduct searches on it based on category. Also, you can search for movers and shakers, new releases, ideas for gifts, and most wished for products. This is helpful for identifying market trends. Here's what the Best Sellers list can reveal:

Find Items to Sell: Movers and Shakers

This area displays all categories of products that have a rapidly increasing BSR (Amazon Best Seller Rank). Often, this reflects seasonal shopping habits or strong trends. To find popular niche products, you can filter the results to view Movers and Shakers in different categories.

Find Items to Sell: New Releases

This section monitors new product listings on Amazon, with an upward sales trend. You can apply filters to view newly released items in particular categories. This allows you to see the latest products people are buying in different niches.

Find Items to Sell: Ideas for Gifts

Items that people buy for gifts are displayed on this page. This section is good for identifying top sellers in various niches for seasonal, holiday related and specialty products.

Find Items to Sell: Most Wished for

This page monitors the products saved on the wish lists of Amazon customers. Although you can't see what these customers purchased, you can get a good indication of what they like.

To build your Amazon business, you need in-demand products that are simple to ship, competitively priced, and easily found by Amazon customers. Keyword research is a great way to determine the amount of competition for different products, and whether they have sufficient demand to turn a profit. Amazon functions similar to a search engine, so keywords will help to display your items to people who are looking for them.

Tools to Find the Best Things to Sell on Amazon

Best products to sell on Amazon - Sonar Keyword Tool
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Several tools for Amazon sellers can assist you with this. Sonar is a browser-based keyword research tool that is free to use. Keywords indicate what customers want, so featuring relevant keywords in the descriptions of your products will expose them to more people. In addition, you should avoid products with a high BSR, because these tend to be too competitive. Look for the following things when researching keywords:

  • Easily Locatable Products: Products that can be listed under numerous categories, and that people can search for using several keywords.
  • Items That are Generic: Items that established Amazon sellers or well known brands are not selling, because they can undercut you with their purchasing power.
  • Searches With High Volume: Keywords for products that have over 100k searches each month.
  • Modest BSR: Similar products with a BSR of no more than 5000 in the primary category.
  • Some Reviews From Customers: Listings for similar products with under fifty reviews from customers. is a premium chrome extension that can assist you with Amazon keyword research as well. It highlights low competition products, shows the sales volumes for products each month, and enables you to monitor different products through time. This data will certainly help you to spot a sector or product with good profit potential.

Another method to find the best products to sell on Amazon is to use to identify top selling eBay products. With real time updates, shows you the products on eBay that are most sought after at any given moment. The website displays the information from eBay that monitors user votes when they put items into their watch list. It reveals how many watchers different products have and provides original search features, along with rankings. On you can find items that appear on different watch lists, then compile a shortlist of hot products to sell on Amazon.

Sourcing Your Amazon Products

By now, you should have a good idea of what sells the most on Amazon, and you might want to search for custom made or private labeled products. In any event, you ought to read manufacturer reviews and calculate the total expenses. With some manufacturers, you have to order a minimum number of units. Here's where you can source Amazon products easily:


Alibaba connects you to millions of suppliers and processes more ecommerce transactions than any other website. This Chinese company allows anyone to purchase wholesale products through them. This is perfect if you need to source items to sell on Amazon quickly. One nice feature of the site is that you receive numerous quotes from a single quote request. This speeds up the process considerably. You can either place orders on your quote dashboard, or get in touch with suppliers to discuss terms. Customized orders are commonplace. In most cases, you have to order products in quantities of at least 100 units. There are educational resources on the site that cover importing and sourcing products.

Dropshipping Catalogs and Wholesale Market

There are dropshipping catalogs and wholesale markets for almost every sector under the sun, from fitness to technology to garden products. The most common catalogs and markets relate to the gift, home, fashion, kitchenware and baby categories. These catalogs and markets are excellent places to discover trending products, private label deals, and newly released items that you want to sell. Typically, you can attend wholesale markets if you have a sales tax certificate for the relevant state, and a DBA (Doing Business As) certificate. Check with the market organizers beforehand though.


Aliexpress is great for sourcing products too. It shares similarities with Alibaba, but it is designed for consumers – so you have to pay more. Nonetheless, there are no minimum orders, which is helpful if you are just getting started.

What to Sell on Amazon – Final Thoughts

Understanding how to find products to sell on Amazon is a key part of growing a profitable business on the platform. There's no doubt that you can make a lot of money as an Amazon seller, but it is vital to offer original, affordable, low competition items to really prosper in this field. If you take heed of the above advice and use the recommended tools to carry out research, you should have no problem finding excellent products to sell online.

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