AAWP Browser Extension

We have good news for you! Our AAWP plugin has gained an important feature and from now on it will not only simplify the creation of suitable shortcodes, but also help you to save a lot of time when integrating Amazon products.

It's about our new browser extension (shortcode generator for Firefox and Chrome), which you can use after installing it on the Amazon site. The so-called “add-on” checks after calling an Amazon product detail page fully automatically whether the product is suitable for integration. In addition, it provides you with a variety of options for the display on your website.

AAWP Browser Extension

You can not only generate classic shortcodes, but also choose between different designs and templates.

Want to learn more? Then be sure to read on ????.

The AAWP Browser Extension for Firefox and Chrome

The AAWP browser extension or our new Amazon shortcode generator is available for Firefox as well as Chrome. You can easily install it via the following link:

Firefox: https://getaawp.com/link/firefox-extension

AAWP Browser Extension for Firefox

Chrome: https://getaawp.com/link/chrome-extension

AAWP Browser Extension für Chrome

What can the new AAWP shortcode generator do?

With the help of our AAWP shortcode generator, the search for the right shortcode for the right product placement is finally a thing of the past.

From now on you can generate the appropriate code or affiliate links for standard product boxes, grids, tables, Amazon buy buttons and also product previews with just one click and then insert them on your website.

But not only that!

You also have the possibility to customize product information like the title, description or even the template directly within the browser extension.

Do you want to display several products at the same time within one shortcode? – No problem!

For this you can use our ASIN collection, in which you can collect your products and then generate the shortcode that suits you best.

Browser Extension: Shortcode Generator

Functions of the browser extension:

  • Easy generation of ready-made shortcodes for your website
  • Choice between all designs and templates: product box, grid display, table display, with thumbnail and “Amazon buy” button
  • The shortcode can be customized to your own needs
  • Save product codes or add them to a collection

Your shortcode is ready to use in just a few steps

With just a few clicks, you can create your personal shortcode and insert it anywhere on your website:

  1. Go to the product detail page in Amazon.
  2. Choose a suitable action (product box, grid, table, button, thumbnail).
  3. The shortcode will be generated automatically in the shortcode generator.
  4. Copy the shortcode and paste it on your website.

Download and try the browser extension now

If you want to benefit from our AAWP shortcode generator now, install it right now in Firefox or Chrome. After the installation it is ready to use. You don't have to do anything else and can generate your first shortcodes with the help of the add-on.

Do you have questions about the browser extension (AAWP Shortcode Generator)?

If you have questions about the use of our AAWP shortcode generator, please have a look at our documentation. If you still need further help or have problems, feel free to send us a message: https://getaawp.com/contact/.


  1. He estado intentando usar el generador de ShortCode pero al momento de pegarlo a mi sitio web dice que productos nos encontrados. Me gustaría saber porque me dice eso.

  2. Hi

    The tool does not work. I have placed the code inside a code box in gutenberg and it just displayes that code direct. It goes nowhere.

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