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How to use our browser extension (shortcode generator) successfully on your website, we show you below in numerous examples.

Use AAWP browser extension successfully

Install the browser extension now:


After installing the AAWP browser add-on, you should see it in the top right corner (AAWP icon) of your browser toolbar. Depending on your browser, the view here may differ slightly, of course.

AAWP Browser Extension Icon: Red

The icon changes its color from red to blue, or blue to red. The colors have the following meaning:

Red: The red icon indicates that you are not currently on an Amazon product detail page. This can be the case, for example, if you are in the Amazon search or not even in the Amazon store.

Blue: You are now on an Amazon product detail page. The add-on has recognized this and now provides you with various options to generate shortcodes for the product you have selected.

Go to Amazon product detail page

Visit the Amazon store and select the product for which you want to generate a shortcode via our browser extension. Because only here our add-on becomes active and changes to the color “blue”.

Amazon Product Detail Site

Amazon-Icon “Blue”:

AAWP Browser Extension Icon: Blue

The browser extension in use

With a click on the blue icon the heart of our browser extension opens, namely the so-called AAWP shortcode generator. With this generator you can create all known shortcodes very easy!

The shortcode generator is divided into three different tabs. As you can see in the picture, these are the “Quick Actions”, “Customizations” and the “ASIN Collection”.

AAWP Shortcode Generator

Quick Actions

Under the “Quick Actions” tab you can use our usual shortcodes. Once the appropriate shortcode is created, you can paste it anywhere on your website by clicking the “Copy Shortcode to Clipboard” button.

AAWP Browser Extension: Quick Actions

Standard product box

With a click on the button “Standard product box” the shortcode for a classic product box is generated. The ASIN will be added fully automatically, so in the end you only have to copy the shortcode via the button and paste it on your website.

AAWP Shortcode Generator: Productbox


Browser Extension: Standard productbox

Create products in the grid

With a click on the button “Create products in grid” the grid attribute is automatically added within the shortcode to output two or more products as a “grid”.

AAWP Shortcode Generator: Grid


Browser Extension: Grid

Display products in table

Click on the button “Display products in table”. This will add the “Table attribute” to the shortcode and your products will be output in a table view on your website.

AAWP Shortcode Generator: Table


Browser Extension: Table

Amazon Buy button

With a click on the button “Buy from Amazon” the shortcode generator creates the corresponding shortcode for our buy button. This of course automatically includes the ASIN as always, as well as all the necessary field attributes for the output of the button.

AAWP Shortcode Generator: Button


Browser-Extension: Button

Product preview image

Clicking on the “Product Preview” button will also generate a corresponding shortcode with our so-called “Fields” for the output of very specific product information. In this case, it is a preview image of the selected product.

AAWP Shortcode Generator: Thumbnail


Browser-Extension: Thumbnail


Click on the “Customizations” tab to customize the shortcode according to your wishes.

This means: with our add-on you can make individual customizations to your product box.

These are:

  • the title,
  • the description,
  • the template

Important: Depending on the template selection or product box, not all of these options are always available to you.

Example of a standard product box:

AAWP Shortcode Generator: Customize

As you can see here, the shortcode will be modified automatically as you enter your customizations. So that you only have to click on the button “Copy shortcode to Clipboard” to output the product with your individual adjustments.

ASIN Collection

Last but not least you will find the tab “ASIN Collection” in our AAWP shortcode generator. This is used if you want to combine multiple products in one shortcode.

This is especially helpful if, for example, several product boxes are to be displayed one below the other or if you want to display several products as a grid or in a table.

For this reason, only the first three “quick actions” can be used for the “ASIN collection”.

Browser Extension: Quick Actions ASIN Collection

Example for a standard product box

Below we show you the procedure for a standard product box. For the other two functions “Display products in grid” and “Display products in table” the procedure is identical.

Step 1: Product detail page

In the first step, open the Amazon product detail page of your “first” product and then open the AAWP shortcode generator. Click here in the tab “ASIN Collection”.

AAWP Shortcode Generator: ASIN Collection

Step 2: Add product to ASIN collection

Now click on the button “Add ASIN to collection” to add the ASIN to the collection.

ASIN Collection: Product

The ASIN will then appear in the collection. You have the possibility to delete the ASIN from the collection at any time by clicking the button “Remove”.

You can repeat the first two steps with other products and add them to the collection as well.

AAWP Shortcode Generator: ASIN Collection

Step 3: Select quick action

In the third and last step you only have to select a suitable “Quick Action”. In our example this would be the “Standard Product Box”. The AAWP shortcode generator will then automatically generate a shortcode with all products from your “ASIN collection”.

Browser Extension: Quick Action ASIN Collection


AAWP Shortcode Generator: Quick Actions ASIN Collection
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