How to display current Amazon offers with these shortcodes

April 22, 2019
How to display current Amazon offers with these shortcodes

Are you using our plugin and you’d like to only display the current offers for a particular product group or a product pool from the Amazon shop?

If so, today we’ll show you how to do this by using our best seller lists, product boxes and list template.

Offers: What’s so good about them?

Have you got a wish list with a new product that you’d like to buy at some point in the future?

In this case, most of us would go onto the Internet to search for the product, use price comparisons and look for the cheapest deal.

We all want to save as much money as we can these days! The Internet has numerous platforms that end customers like us can use.

However, did you know that using our plugin allows you to only display the offers from a particular product group? This gives your visitors another great opportunity to find specific products on offer right on your page.

If you’re already using our plugin, you’ll know that products with current reductions are flagged with the “offer” label.

Sale Amazon ProductUse our shortcodes to publish offers

As mentioned, today, we’d like to show you how to use our best seller list, product boxes and list template to only promote the products that are currently discounted in your Amazon store.

When it comes to using shortcodes, we’d like to briefly explain the important features and attributes of these:


  • amazon bestseller: Showing the most commonly sold products in a product group
  • amazon new: Displaying the latest products from a specific product group
  • filterby: Filtering based on specific features (price or title)
  • filter: Specifying the relevant criteria to apply to the filter
  • filter_items: Defining the maximum filter/search radius
  • items: Selecting the maximum number of products to be displayed


  • Product group: Your chosen product group
  • price: Filtered according to price
  • offer: Filtered according to offers
  • 50: A maximum of 50 products are filtered/included in the search
  • 3: A maximum of 3 products will be displayed in the list

Best seller lists

If you’d like a best seller list to be filtered according to the price and the offer, you’ll need to use the following shortcode:

[amazon bestseller="YOUR PRODUCT GROUP" filterby="price" filter="offer" filter_items="50" items="3" ]

This is how the shortcode looks on a page:

Amazon Sale Bestseller List

Of course, you can customise the shortcode for the best seller list to suit your needs. The shortcode above is just an example.

In place of the words “YOUR PRODUCT GROUP”, simply enter the details of the desired product. So, for example, cordless screwdriver, vacuum robot, tennis racket, etc.

Tip: We recommend using 50 as the value for the “filter_items” attribute. In order to display the relevant offers, our plugin needs a to have certain number of products that can be filtered/searched for.

If no offers are found, you’ll need to increase the radius, e.g. to 100.

Would you like to remove the “BEST SELLER” label?

If you don’t want to publish your best seller list labelled as “BEST SELLER”, you can remove this wording at any time via CSS.

To do so, simply go to the plugin settings. Under the “Output” tab, you’ll find the sub-item “Output custom CSS styles“.

Simply paste the following CSS class for the list (best seller):

[cc lang=”css”].aawp-product__ribbon–bestseller { display: none; }[/cc]

Product boxes as a best seller alternative

As an alternative to the best seller list mentioned above, it’s also quite easy for you to only display offers using the shortcode for our product boxes. The requirement here is that you need to display more than one product via the shortcode.

How does this work?

To give you an idea of what we mean and how to use the shortcode yourself, here’s an example:

[amazon box="B07CZ3WXYX ,B06Y125DWZ,B07GWKDLGT " filterby="price" filter="offer"/]

We’ve selected 3 items here and 2 of these are currently reduced, so they qualify for the offer. The third and final item isn’t reduced.

So, only the 2 currently reduced items are displayed through this shortcode. Here’s what it looks like:

Amazon Sale Produkt Boxes

Of course, you can specify more than 3 products in the shortcode. The advantage of using this method to display discounted products is that you can pick which products you’d like to display. With the bestseller list, you have no control over which products are included by Amazon.

The list template: Very popular for displaying offers

A third and very good way of displaying product offers from your Amazon store is to use our list template. Incidentally, the list template is one of the most frequently used templates for displaying offers.

If you want to use the list template yourself, insert the following shortcode:

[amazon box="B07CZ3WXYX,B07CZ3WXYX ,B06Y125DWZ,B07GWKDLGT" template="list" filterby="price" filter="offer"]

Here’s how this shortcode will look:

Amazon Sale List Template

Once again, this shortcode is specially adapted so that you only display the currently reduced products.

Create your own offer template

If all the options above aren’t enough or you aren’t keen on them, you can use our templating function to create your own templates.

We’d like to show you what this “offer template” looks like:

Amazon Sale AAWP Templating

This template was designed especially for displaying reduced Amazon products.

To see the template in action, take a look at this page:

We’d be happy to show you how to create a template like this and what to look out for in a future tutorial.

If you’re interested in this let us know in the comments!

Advantages and disadvantages of offers

  • Offers attract buyers
  • Help in making the decision to buy
  • Higher conversions
  • More revenue
  • Offers aren’t always available


To give your visitors an interesting opportunity to find your currently discounted products, try the shortcodes listed above to display reduced items.

Generally, “offers” like these are very well received by customers. In addition to more sales, you’ll benefit from higher conversion rates.

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