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By using the shortcode attribute “Box you can display single product boxes for one or multiple products.

What do I need?


Single product box

[amazon box="3424201200"]

Multiple product boxes

[amazon box="3424201200,3648030310"]

Tip: Combining products improves performance and cleans up your editor.

Custom product title

[amazon box="3424201200" title="My product name"]

Here you can set the HTML link title attribute:

[amazon box="3424201200" link_title="My SEO link title" /]

Tip: This might be helpful when optimizing for Google & Co.

[amazon box="3424201200" title="MY product name" link_title="My SEO link title" /]

Custom description

[amazon box="3424201200" description="My description text"]

Tip: Alternatively you can use a custom HTML description e.g. building your own lists. Therefore place the shortcode – according to the following example – before and after your content.
[amazon box="3424201200"]My custom description including HTML or not.[/amazon]

Button text

Overwriting plugin settings:

[amazon box="3424201200" button_text="My text"]


You can display and extra button inside a product box. This can be very useful e.g. when referencing to an internal/external link which contains a test report of the product:

[amazon box="3424201200" button_detail="http://domain.com/test-XYZ/"]

The design of the details button can be setup via the settings page.


  • “button_detail” – Target (URL or Post ID)
  • “button_detail_target” – HTML link target (e.g. “_blank”); Standard = same window/tab
  • “button_detail_text” – Button text (overwrites plugin settings)

The shortcodes above can be extended by adding further "attributes". We prepared an overview of all shortcodes and adjustments for the Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin.

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