Version 3.20 released – Click Tracking, Action Scheduler, Notifications and more

March 27, 2023
AAWP 3.18 Release – Gutenberg Block, link shortener and more!

Version 3.20 of our Amazon WordPress plugin is now available. An overview of all new functions and features can be found here.

At a glance

Click Tracking – now find out which products are clicked most often directly in the AAWP dashboard. We provide you with detailed information about the respective clicks!

Notifications – Get relevant information and news directly in your AAWP dashboard.

Action Scheduler library to run background tasks – job queue for background processing of large queues of tasks in WordPress.

And much much more – what exactly, you can read in the changelog!

Let’s get into the details! 👇

🎯 Click Tracking

With the new click tracking you can now analyze which products are clicked on most often. But it gets even more detailed; because we now also offer you the possibility to see if either the buy button, the product image or other elements of your product box are clicked most often.

Tracking data is collected through AAWP, and all of it is stored in its own WordPress database. So the integration of Google Analytics Click Tracking is unnecessary for you!

You can also evaluate these statistics with a graphical, configurable chart, directly in the AAWP Dashboard.

From now on you can place your products even better, optimize presentations and evaluate which products are really profitable.
This is helpful!💪

With the new click tracking you can now analyze which products are clicked on most often.

📫 Notifications

From time to time there are important news concerning the use of our plugin. So that you do not miss these tips, we show them directly in your WordPress dashboard! Of course, you can also deactivate these hints.

From time to time there are important news concerning the use of our plugin.

👷‍♀️ Action Scheduler library

With Action Scheduler, it is possible to execute many tasks of your website in the background. Previously, these tasks were handled by WP Cron. But with Action Scheduler comes much more reliability.

In the AAWP Dashboard you have the possibility to view all executed tasks. To do this, navigate as follows: AAWP -> Tools -> Scheduled Actions. This helps you with debugging and gives you more overview about all processes that take place in the background with regard to AAWP!

Action Scheduler library to run background tasks

🇪🇬 Amazon Egypt

The Amazon Affiliate Program is now available for Egypt.
Also in this case, of course, we have integrated this market into our plugin. Now you can take off with your website on the Egyptian market!

But that’s not all!

…and since “all” would be too much to want to impose on you here, you can take a look at our clear and short changelog for all other points.

👉 Read the complete Changelog here

The new version of our plugin is available as a free update to all customers with a valid and active license key. In case you want renew your license or use the plugin on more sites (upgrade your license), you can find both options in your customer dashboard.

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