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With the browser extension you have the simple possibility to generate AAWP shortcodes and thus Amazon affiliate links directly via your browser as soon as you call up a product detail page in the Amazon store.

All the usual functions for generating a suitable shortcode are available to you here. From the classic product box, to the buy button, to the table.

What is the AAWP browser extension?

The AAWP browser extension is a so-called “add-on”, which is available for the browsers Firefox and Chrome and can be installed.

After the installation you will find the browser extension in the browser toolbar, where you can see the AAWP icon. If you are on an Amazon product detail page and click on the icon, our shortcode generator will open, which you can use to generate a suitable shortcode for the corresponding product.

In addition, you can customize product information such as the title, the description and the template to your needs or even merge multiple products into one shortcode using the ASIN collection. Then, with just one click, copy your individual shortcode and paste it within your website!

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The AAWP Shortcode Generator

This is what the shortcode generator inside our browser extension looks like in action:

Browser Extension: Shortcode Generator

The advantages of the AAWP browser extension

These are the advantages of our browser extension:

  • Shortcodes can be created directly from the browser extension (add-on).
  • Up to 5 quick actions are possible.
  • Product information is customizable via the add-on.
  • Multiple products can be combined in one shortcode.
  • Different templates are selectable.

In 4 steps via the browser extension to the shortcode

How to create a shortcode in just 4 steps with the help of our add-on:

  • Step 1: Call product detail page.
  • Step 2: Select the appropriate action (product box, grid, table, button, preview image).
  • Step 3: Shortcode will be created automatically.
  • Step 4: Copy shortcode and paste it on your website.

If you want to learn more about the possibilities of the AAWP browser extension, you can access our documentation with numerous examples right here.

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