Geo-targeting determines the country where a website visitor is located so he/she can be directed to the appropriate Amazon website.

What is geo-targeting?

The built-in geo-targeting function determines the geographical location of an Internet user. This gives you an opportunity to monetise foreign visitors.

If, for example, a user comes from Spain and clicks on the affiliate link, he will not be directed to the German Amazon product page, but to the Spanish page. Not only does this improve your conversion rate, but it also improves the user’s experience.

At the same time, geo-targeting increases the chance that when a user is redirected to the shop in his country, he/she will actually buy something. So, geo-targeting is a useful feature for the user and also helps to ensure higher conversions within the Amazon Associates Program.

Which countries are supported?

The Amazon Associates Program currently supports the following countries:

Amazon AustraliaAmazon BrazilAmazon Canada
Amazon ChinaAmazon FranceAmazon Germany
Amazon IndiaAmazon ItalyAmazon Japan
Amazon MexicoAmazon Netherlands/Amazon Spain
Amazon TurkeyAmazon UKUnited Arab Emirates
Amazon USA 

Your benefits of geo-targeting

Here is a brief overview of the benefits:

  • Monetising foreign visitors.
  • Redirecting visitors to the right Amazon website.
  • More revenue through more conversions.
  • A better user experience.

You can see how geo-targeting works from within your admin area

In addition, as shown in the overview below, the tracking IDs for each country can be entered. So, you need to log in to any other Amazon Affiliate Programs.

Features: Geotargeting Multiple Stores

More information about geo-targeting can be found here:

Also, here is some important information about the General Data Protection Regulation:

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