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Geo-targeting allows you to redirect your website visitors – when clicking on Amazon affiliate links – to the nearest Amazon shop.

Practical example

You’re running a German website and presenting products from Amazon.de shop. A visitor from France clicks on an Amazon affiliate link and will be redirected to the same product on Amazon.fr instead of the German shop.

This way you don’t lose a conversion which might be the case when forwarding him to the German shop.

AAWP - Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin - Geo-targeting Settings

In order to use geo-targeting for Amazon links you have to enable the feature via plugin settings (tab “features”). Additionally it’s mandatory to signup for all Amazon affiliate programs individually. After this you have to enter your local tracking ids into the corresponding fields at the settings page (tab “Amazon API”).

AAWP - Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin - Stores Settings

A geo-targeting redirect will only work if the corresponding local tracking id is available.

Privacy information

To determine the country of origin, the current IP address of your page visitor will be analyzed. This happens via the interfaces of the following two free services: ipinfo.info and freegeoip.net.

The activation and use of the geo-targeting function is voluntary and is the responsibility of the page owner. You may need to adjust the privacy declaration on your page.

For logged-in administrators, geotargeting is disabled by default.

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