An Amazon Affiliate Plugin for WordPress should ensure that its users can generate affiliate links from Amazon PartnerNet with as little effort as possible, and just as easily integrate them into their website.

To make this possible, the Affiliate-Plugin should have some important features that affiliate links can be displayed in different versions and elements.

5 important features for an Amazon affiliate plugin

In the following, we show you the 5 most important functions from our point of view, which should be included in every Amazon Affiliate-Plugin.

1. Text Links

Text Links are one of the simplest ways to install appropriate Affiliate-Links into the body text, using an Amazon Affiliate plugin. You can choose the link text respectively the word with which you want to link to an Amazon product.

This way you can easily integrate product-related links directly into your content.

Tip: So that the link text of the text link matches the rest of your content as well as possible, you should not take the default product title from Amazon.

These are often too long and in most cases, the description of the product is inadequate. Therefore, always use an individual link text that optimally describes the product according to your content.

2. Product Boxes

With a Product Box, you can present your Amazon products in a visually appealing way on your website. For this purpose, the product box usually contains the product image, a part of the product description, the advertised price and a button that is intended to encourage the purchase.

Product box from the Amazon affiliate plugin AAWP

The product box can be integrated anywhere within a page or an article and offers your visitors additional value, combined with a clean visual appearance.

Tip: In order for the product box to not be distracting to your visitors, it should always contain an Amazon product that actually matches the actual content.

In addition, it makes sense to limit the product description to a maximum of 3-4 points.

3. Bestseller (Lists)

The so-called Bestsellers are a list of products based on a search term or product group that sells best on Amazon. With Bestseller Lists, you’re not just presenting the visitors of your site a vivid view of popular Products, but also provide a real buying incentive.

Bestseller (Lists) from the Amazon affiliate plugin AAWP

Tip: Bestseller lists should, if possible, not contain more than 10 products. Otherwise, it might be too distracting and counterproductive,

4. Comparison Tables

Comparison Tables are the best way to compare multiple products in one glance. This allows you to compare the most important features (eg features, special features, customer reviews, prices etc.) of different products and provide your readers the opportunity to get a simple comparison.

In order to additionally assist your readers’ purchase decision, it is recommended to provide individual products/columns with markings such as ‘recommendation’ or ‘price tip’.

Comparison Tables from the Amazon affiliate plugin AAWP

Tip: Always focus on the key product features when comparing. Avoid incorporating too much information into a comparison table. Otherwise, it may confuse the reader. In the best case list a maximum of 10 most important features.

5. Widgets

Widgets are a great opportunity to place product boxes or lists into the sidebar of your WordPress theme. This way you promote Amazon products on an additional space on your website.

Widget from the Amazon affiliate plugin AAWP

Tip: With a plugin such as Widget Context, you can even choose on which pages or in which categories your widget should be displayed. This allows you to control to display similar products, matching the page content you readers are currently viewing.

Other useful features Amazon affiliate plugins have

In addition to the previously features, most Amazon-Plugins have other useful features that you can use on your website to promote Amazon products. For example:

  • New Releases (Lists)
  • Displaying discounted prices
  • Shortend urls
  • Price comparisons


An Amazon Affiliate plugin should include at least the 5 features above, so you can place affiliate links on your sites as easy as possible. An automatic update of the product data within the product boxes, lists, widgets or tables is just as important for the user as it is for the site operator.

If you would like to advertise Amazon products on your site, we recommend our Guide to get started with the main features of the AAWP plugin. Here we show you what our plugin can do and how you can start with it in no time.

Of course, we are also interested in what features you would like to see in the AAWP plugin in the future? We would appreciate your feedback in form of a comment below.

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