Would you like to show your visitors the latest and best-selling products of a product range in Amazon? If so, you should definitely try our list function for best sellers and new releases.

Best Seller (lists) vs. New Releases (lists)

As you may already know, not only does our Amazon affiliates plugin offer the very popular text links, product boxes and comparison tables, but it also gives you the option to display product lists on your website.

Maybe you’ve already used one of the two list functions (best sellers/new releases) but don’t know what the differences are between the two or how to use them to your best advantage?

To familiarise you with the most important features of our “best sellers” and “new releases” list functions, in this article, we’ll show you the differences between them and when to use each list to your best advantage.

The best sellers (lists)

As the name implies, best sellers are the products that sell the most among a particular product group. In Amazon shops, these products are grouped in a category called “best sellers”.

Using our Amazon affiliate plugin, you can display the very same best sellers from a pre-selected product group on your website. To do so, you’ll need to use the “bestseller” shortcode attribute.

Displaying a best seller list is really easy. In addition to using the best seller shortcode attribute, you’ll need to add a search term you have selected. To find out which Amazon product groups can be displayed in best seller lists, take a look at the best sellers on Amazon.

The shortcode for best seller lists looks like this:

[amazon bestseller = "YOUR SEARCH TERM"]

This shortcode will give you a maximum of 10 products in a best seller list. However, if you want to choose the number of products to display, you also need to use the “items” shortcode attribute.

The shortcode to give you a specific number of products in your best seller lists looks like this:

[amazon bestseller="YOUR SEARCH TERM" items = "2"]

For example:

[amazon bestseller = "playstation" items = "2"]

AAWP bestseller lists

A summary of the advantages and disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Product boxes are marked with “best seller”
  • Products usually already have very good star ratings
  • Products usually already have numerous reviews
  • Products are trusted (which promotes sales)
  • Amazon determines the products that are shown (you can’t specify which products will appear in the list)

When is it a good idea to use a best seller list?

Using a best seller list is always a good idea when you want your visitors to know about products that many Amazon customers already have faith in.

After all, if Amazon customers didn’t think these products were good, they wouldn’t buy them as often and the products wouldn’t appear among the best sellers. Therefore, best seller products are trustworthy and saleable.

New releases (lists)

Amazon also summarises new releases or the latest products by grouping these in a category a little like the best sellers described above. By using the “new” shortcode attribute, you can display these products in your new releases list.

Unlike best sellers, you need to use what’s known as a ‘browse node ID’ to display new releases. This is a product group ID that gives us access to the latest products in a product group through the Amazon API. In this article we gave you details about how to find the right Browse Node ID for your product group.

Before you use the shortcode to publish a list of new releases on your website, you should first look at the Amazon product groups that can appear as new releases.

The shortcode for the new releases lists looks like this:

[amazon new = "BROWSE_NODE_ID"]

Of course, you can also choose how many products to display in your new releases list. Just like for best sellers, you need to use the “items” attribute to do this. The list displays a maximum of 10 products by default.

[amazon new="BROWSE_NODE_ID" items="2"]

For example:

[amazon new="3109924011" items="2"]

AAWP new releases lists

An overview or the advantages and disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Product boxes have the word “NEW”
  • Products can be advertised as a “highlight” or “new release”
  • Products can be pre-ordered
  • Visitors see new products immediately
  • Amazon determines the products that are displayed (you can’t specify which products appear in the list)

When it a good idea to have a new release list?

If you want to show your website visitors the latest products, the new releases function is essential. Using a shortcode, you can display the latest products from your chosen product group at any time.

For premium products like the new iPhone, it’s particularly useful to display new releases lists since these products are so popular. Also, customers can pre-order products that are already on display in your Amazon shop but not yet in stock.

Direct comparison: Best seller (lists) and new releases (lists)

Best sellers New releases
  • The best-selling products of a product group
  • Products are displayed using a search term + Browse Node ID
  • Product boxes have the word “Best seller” (and are numbered)
  • The latest products of a product group
  • Products are displayed solely using the Browse Node ID
  • Product boxes have the word “NEW” (and are not numbered)


Using the best sellers and new releases (lists) is another great way to publish products on your website.

The best sellers function is ideal for showing your visitors those products that are highly rated. If you want to show your visitors the latest products we recommend the new releases function.

You can, of course, use both functions at the same time on your website.


    1. Hey Jonathan,

      you can not directly select a category as deposited in Amazon. It is sufficient here if you file a search term such as computers, books, electronics or the like.


  1. Hi! I am trying to introduce more than 10 items in a New Releases Grid. I would like to show at least 30 results, but all the time is showing just 9. As you can see in the shortcode I’m using a filter to exclude some books from amazon:

    (amazon new=”Historia” items=”35″ grid=”3″ filterby=”title” filter=”secrets,first,after,mosquito,traitor,dominion,austerlitz” filter_type=”exclude”)
    Change the () for []

    Is this ok?

    By the way… Is there any way to exclude books by language with a filter?


    1. Hey Isaakv,

      1.) The new releases lists are limited to max 10 items. The API simply doesn’t return more items, when passing a node id (this also applies to the bestseller list).

      2.) New releases lists ALWAYS require a node id. Keywords like “historia” doesn’t work here. This only works with bestseller lists.

      3.) Filtering by the language of an item is not possible.

      If you have further questions, feel free to get in touch with us directly: https://getaawp.com/contact/

      1. Hi Florian! Thanks for your answer!

        Ok to everything! Just to tell you that I’m using one bestseller grid with 50 items on it, so it looks that the API is returning more items for bestseller lists now.

        Many thanks!

  2. HI there, in bestseller list it would be nice to have more parameters, like products age and price.

    For example I want to make the Televisions bestseller list. I would get a list of only the worse, old and cheap TV on amazon.


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