New Releases (Lists)

By using the shortcode attribute new, you can display an automated list of the newest products for a specific product category.

What do I need?

Important note: Due to the new Amazon API v5 it is currently not possible to use a Browse Node ID. As soon as Amazon extends its API, we will be able to implement the function again. More information about the new Amazon API can be found here.

Here you can find all product groups available for New Releases.

Main groups e.g. “Music” must be more specified, by using at least the first group child e.g. “Music – Pop”

Displaying a new releases list

Using keywords


[amazon new="ps4 games" items="2"]

[amazon new="BROWSE_NODE_ID" items="2"]


Note: This is an exemplary screenshot. No real-time data. Live demonstration can be found here.
By adding the attribute “items” you can specify the amount of products to be displayed. The default and maximum amount is 10.

The shortcodes above can be extended by adding further "attributes". We prepared an overview of all shortcodes and adjustments for the Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin.

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