In our last post, we showed you how to display categorised product boxes with Advanced Ads. Since then, some of our customers have asked us for examples.

So, we’re following up on this and are going to show you various practical examples in this post.

Categorised product boxes

In the step-by-step tutorial “How to display categorised product boxes“, we’ve already described in detail what the Advanced Ads plugin allows you to do in terms of categorised display.

You’ve learned how to create an ad, insert AAWP shortcode and set the output category. In addition, you’ve learned about the 4 positions for ad placements (before the content, after the content, content, sidebar).

To show you what the whole thing will look like on your own website, here are some examples:

4 examples of displaying product boxes by category

In order to place the created ad in various positions within our article or on our page, we must first specify the position in the Advanced Ads plugin.

This can either be done directly when creating an ad (as shown in our step-by-step instructions) or under the “Placements” menu.

Advanced Ads placement

When choosing “Placements” from the menu, you’ll see the following overview where you can choose and name a new placement for your ad.

Advanced Ads - Set placements

First of all, choose one of the placements:

  • Before the content
  • After the content
  • Content (in the middle of the article)
  • Sidebar

Then, give your placement a name, for example, “Before the content,” “After the content,” or similar. Once you’ve done that, click on the “Save New Placement” button and your ad/banner will be displayed in your chosen location.

Once you’ve chosen your placement, you’ll be taken back to the overview of all the placements you’ve created.

Advanced Ads - Created Placements

With the drop-down menu that you can see (–not selected–) you can choose an ad you’ve created and this will be displayed according to your placement choice.

To choose another placement, simply click on the button “New Placement”.

1. Before the content

The placement setting:

Advanced Ads - Productbox before content

What the placement looks like:

Advanced Ads - Productbox placed before the content

2. After the content

The placement setting:

Advanced Ads - Productbox after content

What the placement looks like:

Advanced Ads - Productbox placed after the content

3. Within the content

The placement setting:

Advanced Ads - Productbox within content

What the placement looks like:

Advanced Ads - Productbox placed within content

4. In the sidebar

The placement setting:

Advanced Ads - Productbox in Sidebar

What the placement looks like:

Advanced Ads - Productbox placed at sidebar


The examples shown above for displaying categorised product boxes using the Advanced Ads plugin make it easy to see just how flexible you can be when promoting Amazon products using our plugin.

Once you’ve set the placement for the product box, the products will automatically show on your website. If you’d like to change the displayed product at a later date, you only need to change the shortcode in Advanced Ads.

Are you already using product boxes with Advanced Ads? If so, what are your experiences?


  1. I’d rather you fixed the problems with tables (provide horizontal tables as promised but were never delivered) than worry about topics such as this that don’t provide a conversion rate benefit.

    Based on my A/B testing and from that of Convertica, optimized tables can provide as much as 50% higher click through rate (CTR) and higher earnings.

    I disagree with this post vs. elements that really matter, based on actual test data and that are proven to provide your customers with improved earnings.


    1. Hi Nicholas,

      thanks for your feedback.

      Please keep in mind that we have a ton of ideas and features on our todo list. We’re currently working on a larger rebuild of the plugin core which allows us to more easily implement new functionality.

      Best regards

    1. Hello Waqas,

      thanks for your feedback. Glad to be able to help you with the article :-).

      Many Greetings

  2. Excellent information, can you explain how this web master make the tables in these with page
    I don’t understand how can make the title with diferent size and color , can you make a tutorial in order to know how can manipulate the css with examples??

  3. Hy Team AAWP, i want to know that how we can show products of a specific category instead of adding ASIN number

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