By now, you’re bound to have discovered the different ways to display product boxes using custom shortcode. But did you know that it’s also pretty easy to categorise product boxes on your website?

Display categorised product boxes with Advanced Ads

If you’ve already got to grips with using our plugin, you’ll know how easy it is to display product boxes on your web page. All you need to use is the shortcode to display one or more product boxes.

This is also precisely what you need to display categorised product boxes using Advanced Ads. So, what’s this all about?

Quite simply, when using the plugin, you can decide how your product box will be displayed for each individual category.

For example, if you have a “Books” category, you may only want to show the relevant product box/boxes when a visitor searches under this category, Now you can do this and what a great idea it is!

We’re going to explain just how it works in this article. Of course, this is only one of several ways to display Amazon products in categories using shortcode.

What is Advanced Ads?

Advanced Ads Plugin

The WordPress plugin Advanced Ads is a tool that allows you to place (advertising) banners and ads on your website and manage these. The plugin offers many different ways to manage your banners and ads.

The 3 main functions of Advanced Ads are:

  • Ads (create and manage banners and ads)
  • Ad groups & ad rotations (create and manage groups and rotations)
  • Rankings (set up and manage rankings for individual ads)

A major advantage of this plugin is that you get unrestricted use of its main functions, which includes managing any number of ads, ad rotations, scheduling and much more. You can do all of this simply by using the free version.

There are many benefits for those who use our Amazon Affiliate plugin. In combination with the Advanced Ads Plugin, you can display all the same shortcodes as for the Amazon Affiliate shortcodes for WordPress plugin.

Product boxes with Advanced Ads – let’s get started!

Our product boxes are ideal when it comes to displaying Amazon products along with the Advanced Ads plugin. You might be wondering how to restrict product displays to the specific category a visitor is looking for on your website. So, we’re going to show you how a product box (or several product boxes), can be displayed when your visitors search for a chosen category on your website.

Step 1:

You need to install and activate the Advanced Ads plugin.

Step 2:

Advanced Ads Ads

Click “Advanced Ads” in your WordPress menu bar and choose the “Ads” option.

Step 3:

Advanced Ads new ad
Click on the button “New ad” to create a new ad.

Step 4:

This takes you to the display configuration. Now, give your ad a title. For example, “Self-Made Books – Books Category“.

Advanced Ads add new ad

In this case, choose “Plain Text and Code” for the display type and click the “Continue” button.

Step 5:

In the display settings, you can now insert a code, or in our case, the shortcode for our Amazon Affiliate plugin.

Advanced Ads ad parameters

Insert the shortcode for the product box in line 1 as shown on the diagram. Further down, you need to tick the box “Allow Shortcodes” so the shortcode and the product box are displayed.

Also, you can specify your ad dimensions here but this isn’t mandatory. Then, click the “Next” button.

Step 6:

In this step, we need to specify when the ad should appear together with the ad category. Here, “Ad parameters” at the top of the tab will help you to set everything up. Here, click on “Hide the ad on some pages“.

Advanced Ads ad conditions

In the following drop-down menu, choose the settings for displaying the ad.

Advanced Ads condition categorie

We’re now going to choose “Categories” and click the button “Add”.

In the selection that then appears, you can choose one or more categories (= is) from drop-down menu or exclude certain categories (= is not).

Advanced Ads display conditions

In our example, we’ve chosen books for the product box. So, we only want to display this when visitors are searching for the “Books” category.

Now you’ve chosen your category or categories, click the “Next” button.

Step 7:

Congratulations! Your ad is now saved. Now all you need to do is specify where your product box should be displayed.

Advanced Ads display placement

You’ve many options to choose from here. You can display the product box within the item, insert the code directly into the template (for advanced users), or display it in the sidebar or header.

Alternatively, the short code will allow you to place your ad anywhere on your website. In our example, we’re going to place our ad on the sidebar. Clicking on the “Sidebar” selection will take you straight to the widgets.

Step 8:

Choose “Advanced Ads” from the selection of widgets and add it to your sidebar. Now, you can add a title within the widget, which will be displayed above the product box. Then choose the ad selection you previously specified.

Advanced Ads widget

When you click “Save“, the product box will appear in the sidebar. However, this will only happen when a visitor searches for the “Books” category.

Allocating a specific category for product boxes within articles – it’s easy!

In the above steps, we’ve created an ad and, in step 7, we used the example of a product box positioned in the sidebar.

Of course, you could also choose another location, e.g. within the article and it’s easy to do this at a later stage.

Simply go to the WordPress menu bar as in step 2 for the Advanced Ads and choose the option “Placements“. The first step is to choose the type of placement.

Advanced Ads placement

In our next example, we’re going to place the product box within the item You can choose from the following 3 placements:

Advanced Ads placement type

  1. Before the content
  2. After the content
  3. Within the content

There are different configuration options, depending on the selection you choose.

The second step is to name your position and the third step is to choose your ad.

If you choose a position within the article, click on the button “Save Placement“. Now you’ve reached the set-up point where you can make further adjustments to the way the product box displays.

1. Before the content

Advanced Ads placement before content

When choosing to display your ad “before the content”, you can specify the ad label, as well as the position.

Specify the ad label in the advanced ad settings. For example, you can display “Advertisement” or similar above the ad.

To complete the position set-up, click on “Save position“.

2. After the content

Advanced Ads placement after content

To place the ad “after the content”, you have the same configuration options as “before the content”.

3. Within the content

Advanced Ads placement content

You can also imbed the product box within the “content”. Here, you can specify the position for the product box in the middle of the article/content.

For example, after the first paragraph or the first heading (H1 – H4). All other options for your settings are identical to those mentioned previously for positions 1 and 2.

Tip: It’s easy to use a combination of display settings and positions. This would be useful if you want to display a product box for a category you’ve chosen for your article.

Advantages and disadvantages of using shortcode for displaying categories

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Specific products can be displayed for a target group
  • Dynamic control of products
  • Quick setup
  • Easy to manage

AAWP shortcodes and advanced ads

In the above example, we’ve only talked about the classic and ever-popular product box. Of course, if you wish, you can use other shortcodes from our Amazon plugin to create ads via Advanced Ads.

The Advanced Ads plugin can easily display all of our shortcodes. Therefore, you have numerous opportunities to dynamically control product boxes, lists or tables using this plugin.


The dynamic integration of product boxes gives you an amazing variety of opportunities with the Advanced Ads plugin. Dynamic displays mean you can target the right products for your visitors at the right times.

This is a great technical innovation and will help to increase sales. Why not give it a try and see if it increases your conversion rates? We wish you every success!

Have you found this article helpful? If so, please leave us a comment to let us know!


  1. Interesting article, but where are the examples? If you want that people use this feature, you need to add some real world examples, right?

    1. Hey Olaf, thank you for your feedack. In the article, we show you how to make the settings using the plugin Advanced Ads in the backend.

      Which examples would you really want? We will gladly publish another helpful article on this topic.

      Very many greetings.

      1. I scrolled down the whole page to see some screenshots and there are none. I have to set up the whole thing just to see what it is you’re talking about! One of the reasons I bought AAWP was the demo page – all the layouts etc shown clearly. Awesome! I think Olaf and I would like to see the end result shown at the top of this article. Then we know if we want to read how to set i up.

        1. Hello Andrew,

          thanks for your feedback. We will publish a supplementary article in the coming month.

          Many Greetings.

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