Comparison Tables

To create a comparison table, you need at least 2 products, which can be compared with each other. The creation of the table is really simple and can be performed directly via the WordPress admin area.

Creating comparison tables in 3 steps

  • Add products (via ASIN or product search)
  • Create table rows and define content types
  • Insert table via shortcode in your post or page

Add products

There are two ways in order to add products to a comparison table:

Comparison Tables - Add products

Direct input via ASIN
Products can be added easily by using the article number (ASIN). Here you can find our article which shows you how to find the ASIN of a product.

Only one ASIN respectively product can be added at once.

Product search
By entering a search term, the plugin finds relevant products which can be selected and added to the comparison table.

Comparison Tables - Product Search

Row configuration

Comparison Tables - Row Configuration

(1) Move rows
The order of rows can be changed and the new order will be applied to all products automatically.

(2) Deactivate rows
By hitting the green button, a row can be deactivated and hidden for site visitors.

(3) Label rows
The label of a row shows up on the left side of the table. Entering a text is optional.

(4) Select a content type
Each row will be assigned to a content type which is responsible for the output on the frontend. The following content type groups are available:

  • Product information (z.B. Product image, title, price, rating, buy now button)
  • Predefined elements (z.B. Yes/No)
  • Custom output (e.g. shortcode, button, text, HTML)

Depending on the content type, more options show up.

We’re going to continuously add more content types.

(5) Highlight rows
Rows can be highlighted by adding a background color. The color can be selected on the plugin settings page (tab “functions”, section “comparison tables”).

(6) Link rows
If you wish, you can easily add a link (referencing to the product detail page at Amazon) to the output of the selected row.

(7) Delete rows
In case you don’t need a row any more, feel free to delete it by using the corresponding icon.

Product configuration

In general you don’t need to make any deeper product configurations for a basic comparison table. Nonetheless there are more options which can be used to adjust the product.

Comparison Tables - Product Configuration

(1) Deactivate products
By hitting the green button, a product can be deactivated and hidden for site visitors.

(2) ASIN change
You can easily change the product by entering a new ASIN.

(3) Search new products
By using the product search, you can easily search a new product and replace the current one.

(4) Overwriting content types
Each row will be assigned to a content type by default. Additionally you can overwrite the pre-assigned content type for each row respectively product.

(5) More options
Here you can blend in more options (e.g. highlighting a product) to customize the output of a product.

(6) Highlight products
Products can be highlighted by adding a background color. By using the color picker, the choice of the color is yours.

Entering a text (e.g. “best choice” or “best price”) is optional.

Highlighting a product can be activated/deactivated by using the icon on the left.

(7) Delete products
In case you don’t need a product any more, feel free to delete it by using the corresponding icon.

Embedding a table via shortcode

Created tables show up by placing a shortcode in your posts/pages. The shortcode itself can be found on the top right of the “table edit page” and looks like follows:

[amazon table="ID"/]

For optimal presentation, a wide page template should be used depending on the number of products placed.

Copy/Duplicate a table

Right now, comparison tables cannot be copied/duplicated yet. This functionality is already on our todo list and will be implemented soon.

Anyway we recommend using the plugin “Duplicate Page” which allows duplicating existing tables.

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