After several weeks of developing, we are pleased to announce the release of AAWP v3.5.

With this new version we have introduced our new comparison tables, one of the most wished features. Up to now you had to use the field shortcodes and create such tables on your own.

With our new table builder this is no longer necessary and you can build comparison tables right from your admin area. No HTML/CSS skills needed!

Comparison Tables

Comparison Tables Demo

With our new comparison tables, you can compare any Amazon products of your choice and demonstrate advantages and disadvantages. This way you assist your site visitors with their purchase decision.

More information about can be found on the functions page we setup, as well as in our documentation.

Read more about comparison tables

Since this is the first version of the comparison tables, we would be happy, if you get in touch with us in case you have suggestions, feature requests or found some bugs. We already have many more ideas for the comparison tables, but your feedback is always very welcome! 🙂

Template Variables

Also new and especially interesting in case you’re creating custom templates, is the possibility to pass your own variables via shortcode. Afterwards these variable can be accessed directly inside your templates.

[amazon box="ASIN" tpl_var1="test" tpl_var2="text1,text2,text3" /]

More information can be found in the corresponding documentation.

[mc4wp_form id="2325"]

In case you want to get knowledge about all new features, improvements and fixes, feel free to take a look into the changelog.

The new version of our plugin is available as a free update to all customers with a valid and active license key. In case you want renew your license or use the plugin on more sites (upgrade your license), you can find both options in your customer dashboard.

If you have any questions, suggestions or feature requests please don’t hesitate and get in contact with us.

About the author: Florian is the founder and main developer of AAWP and other awesome WordPress related tools. Besides coding, he loves doing sports and watching his favorite series. Follow him on Twitter


  1. Nice work Florian, great that you always think of ease of use while designing your plugins, this is really fantastic and very easy to use. I’m a fan of your work..! keep it going…!!!

    1. Hi Abi, thanks for your feedback. Happy to hear that you like it 🙂

      Please let me know when you have any suggestions or feature requests!

  2. Hi Florian,
    Another great bonus from AAWP. AAWP is making the Amazon affiliate marketing very simple. We are expecting more great features from Florin. Great work and dedication…!!!

  3. The video : “Comparison table builder in action” provided is without sound. Please include sound track to make it more helpful.

    1. Yep it’s without sound and I’m already planning to create better tutorial videos including a speaker. Let’s think about this video as a first test 🙂

  4. Hi Florian,

    It seems like my site is getting extremely slow (sometimes down) when I am using the plugin. Hosting company says there’s something with MySQL requests. Will you look into it if possible? If you give me your email, I can mail you. Already contacted your FB Page

    1. Dear Developper, I apprciate your good work and dedicated support. I am glad to be a subscriber of the awesome plugin. I really like this comaprison table add up. Will you please tell me that “is it possible to add text in the first left column of the table vertically?” Thanks again.

      1. Hey, yes indeed you can edit the texts on the first col when setting up a comparison table!

  5. Good looking plugin. I hope to get more familiar with the option to use templates and make custom changes but what I have now works very well.

    Good support, too. 🙂

  6. I have just seen the features of this awesome plugin, very well designed and options are truly great. I want to know, if you guys will add the support for add to cart functionality just like EasyAzon did. As it will extend the cookie life to 90 days, instead of 24 hours. This means any purchases made in next 90 days, will also be credited to your account. If you are going to implement this feature, I will surely buy your plugin for my Amazon Affiliate Sites. 🙂

    1. Hey Hasan,

      indeed AAWP already supports the add to cart links which can be applied to buttons easily via plugin settings 🙂

      1. Thank you Florian for the prompt response. I shall be buying your plugin soon. One more thing to add, can you also add up URL Cloaking function in your plugin or is that already there? For instance a URL appears as an amazon url, but it should appear as : – I hope you have got what I am trying to say?

        1. Unfortunately cloaking/masking URLs is forbidden and can result in being kicked from Amazon Associates. I won’t risk any of your accounts that’s why I’m not implementing this functionality.

          The only thing which is allowed, are Amazon’s short urls “”. I’m planning to integrate them as an optional alternative.

          1. Hi Florian,

            Do you have this solution “” in your lastest version now?


          2. Hello Ray,

            this feature is already on our ToDo list and will be implemented in the future :-).

  7. Hi Florian,

    I’m planning to buy this plugin. Before that, I want to know some information.

    1) Whether the tables and the box templates fill up the contents from Amazon automatically. If it fills the content automatically from Amazon, it will be against their policy.

    2) I have found some samples that are not updated with the recent reviews. Is there any option where I can stop showing the no. of reviews and overall reviews from Amazon?

    Kind regards
    Kawser Ahmed

    1. Hi Kawser Ahmed,

      thanks for your interest in the plugin.

      1.) Actually the contents (title, price, descriptions) being fetched from the official Amazon API which does not violate their terms, it’s even predetermined to do so.

      2.) This can be disabled globally via plugin settings.

      Feel free to get in touch with me ( ) in case you have any further questions.

      Best regards

  8. Good looking plugin. I hope to get more familiar with the option to use templates and make custom changes but what I have now works very well.

    1. Hey Anurag,

      happy to hear 🙂

      In case you have any questions or need assistance, please get in touch with us directly. Would love to help!

  9. Great plugin, just one thing displaying price is against the TOS – I know you are still pulling this from the Amazon API but I just wanted to check that this is OK?

    1. Hey Ben,

      thanks for your message.

      Only when fetching the pricing via Amazon’s API, you don’t violate their TOS. Pricing data has to be updated regularly (within 24 hours) which will be done by the plugin automatically. You can even choose between multiple update intervals, starting at 1 hour.


    No doubt it is great to discover for us but when I installed the plugin on my website it looks really very slow that is why I remove this. But I like very much like this plugin unique options.Can you give me the proper solution how i will use this without any interruption? Thanks in advance for your nice cooperation.

    1. Hi Erci,

      actually this shouldn’t happen but there are several reasons for it.

      Could you please get in touch with me directly ( ) and send me a link to your site, so I can take a look into. Pretty sure we git it solved 🙂

  11. Can we only add 4 products in comparison tables, can’t we?
    I try to add about 6 products to table. But when i add the table to my post they only display 4 first products.

    1. Hey Anh Le Kinh,

      right now comparison tables are limited to max 6 products and 20 rows.

      In case you’re not able to add up to 6 products, please check you’re asins respectively get in touch with us ( ) and send us some details about your table setup.

    Is it possible to create a comparison table like the ‘best selling table’ please? If there is no feature like that is it possible to add that in a quick basis? I am using aawp and I really appreciate it.


    1. Ya lo he solucionado. Se trata de una incompatibilidad con el pluging “All In One Schema Rich Snippets”


      1. Thanks for letting us know. We will take a look into this plugin and see if we can optimize something on our end.

  13. Is it possible to add non-amazon products (manually) to the table – title of product, thumbnail, my three descriptive custom text fields of comparison notes and then custom button to a different destination than Amazon?

    Reason I ask is some products being reviewed are not on Amazon (yet).

    1. Hey Christopher,

      indeed when using comparison tables this is possible. Anyway, you have to “fake” a product by adding a valid ASIN for the product. Everything can be entered manually.

  14. Good Morning

    If in a table created with the plugin I want to put if the price is lowered, for that I have to show the price in the table?

    My purchase button says See Price, but I do not show the price.

    I would like to know if in a comparison table you can put a warning if the price of the product is reduced, but without showing the final price, to get the reader to go to Amazon to find out.

    a greeting

    1. Hello Manu,

      unfortunately, our plugin does not have this function / automatic yet. But it’s already on our to-do list.

      This feature will be implemented in the coming months.

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