Would you like to check which position for a product or which template or design would give you the ideal conversion when promoting Amazon products on your site?

If so, we'll now show you how to add different tracking IDs to increase your conversion rate using our plugin.

Is it a good idea to use different tracking IDs?

Replacing the default tracking ID can be a good idea in many cases. For example, it’s particularly helpful if you want to test different product positions, templates or designs.

In today's article, we'll show you how this works and where you can create additional tracking IDs for our Amazon plugin, as well as:

What a tracking ID is and why you need it for our Amazon plugin!

A tracking ID is a unique ID that's only assigned to you as a partner. Using this tracking ID enables Amazon to track which partner has redirected a visitor to the Amazon store and which partners need to have purchases assigned to them.

Since you're promoting products from the Amazon store with our affiliate plugin, you also need an Amazon tracking ID so that every visitor and every purchase can be assigned to you. You have to input your tracking ID in the backend of our plugin.

Amazon Tracking ID

The tracking ID is then used to output shortcodes for product boxes, lists (bestsellers/new releases), comparison tables and widgets. This means that Amazon can then guarantee accurate tracking takes place.

Where can I find my tracking ID in Amazon PartnerNet?

To find a tracking ID, log on to your Amazon PartnerNet account and open the drop-down menu at the top right by clicking on your email address. Then, click on “Manage Your Tracking IDs

Amazon Partnernet Tracking IDs

To create your first tracking ID or additional tracking IDs to use with our plugin, please click on the button “Add Tracking ID” on the following page.

Add Amazon Tracking ID

Now, you'll see another window opening and you can use this to specify the tracking ID you want. After you've entered the tracking ID you want to use, click on the “Create” button.

Add Tracking ID

If the tracking ID you've chosen has already been taken, Amazon will suggest alternatives.

In the section “Search Tracking ID” you'll find all the tracking IDs you've created. These are encrypted and you can use them with our plugin.

When is it a good idea to replace a tracking ID?

Tracking IDs and, above all, the use of different tracking IDs can help you to carry out what's known as A / B testing.

Here’s a practical example:

You'd like to test the best position of a product box to get a higher conversion rate. The product is always the same, but its position is different.

How do you know if product box 1 or product box 2 offers a better conversion?

This is when it’s helpful to use different tracking IDs. You can create two different tracking IDs for product box 1 and product box 2 and test them against each other over a given period of time.

To find out which product box has resulted in a better conversion within that time, you can easily use the Tracking IDs and then evaluate them using the Reports menu within Amazon PartnerNet.

How do you use different tracking IDs with our Amazon plugin?

As standard, you can only enter one tracking ID in the settings of our Amazon affiliate plugin, as we've already shown in the above picture. This will then be used for all products published and advertised on your website.

Of course, you can also use additional tracking IDs with our Amazon plugin. This feature is available for all main shortcodes.

You only need the additional attribute “tracking_id” within the shortcode, which looks like this: tracking_id=”your tracking ID”.

Here's how it works:

Single (or multiple) product boxes

[amazon box="ASIN" tracking_id="your tracking ID"]

Bestseller lists

[amazon bestseller="smartphone" tracking_id="your tracking id"]

Comparison tables

[amazon table="ID" tracking_id="your tracking ID"]

The advantages and disadvantages of different tracking IDs

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Test product positioning
  • Test templates/designs
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Increase revenue
  • Carry out an evaluation
  • Each tracking ID must be created in advance in Amazon PartnerNet


If you'd like to test positions or find out which variant works better, with the help of our plugin and the corresponding functions such as product boxes, lists or comparison tables, you can easily replace your default tracking ID as described above.

All you have to do is create one or more new tracking IDs within Amazon PartnerNet and insert them into the shortcode using the attribute provided.


  1. Yep, having separate tracking IDs is important.

    I took the CRO Academy Pro course from Convertica (Kurt Philip) and he mentions that you need to track SALES, not just clicks. Click-through rate (CTR) improvements do not necessarily equal higher earnings.

    In fact, in a recent A/B test of my own, the test variant had similar CTR but actually performed worse in terms of earnings, vs the original.

    Without separate tracking IDs I wouldn’t have had that data.

    1. Hi Phaey,

      You can assign as described in the article, a product box, etc., a separate tracking ID.


  2. hello sir,

    how many total tracking IDs we can make in amazon associate program?

    1. Hello Bilal,

      in Amazon, you can create as many tracking IDs as you want. I am aware of no limit.


  3. looking at the last example for comparison tables it says [amazon box="ID" tracking_id="your tracking ID"]

    are you sure its not meant to be [amazon table=”D” tra……

    I have not tried, just wondering

  4. Is traffic auto redirecting his local amazon site with this plugin ?
    When a indian person click individual product link which is set up by aawp, is he redirected amazon.in ? If i am not an indian affiliates, can i get paid commission for qualified purchase of those people ? Thank You very much.

  5. Hi,
    Will this work Fields,

    [amazon link="B01MRA8TIE" title="Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" tracking_id="your tracking ID" /]

  6. Can we create new tracking ids right from AAWP plugin? Or creating them from amazon associates account is the only way? Thinking of delegating the task while still not sharing access?

    1. Hi Ruth,

      you can only create a new tracking ID directly through Amazon PartnerNet.


  7. Hey Sven,
    AAWP has option for link localization. My question is – does it only localizes the links made through the aawp plugin. Can it localize plain text links to amazon which was not created using AAWP.

  8. Hi guys,

    Thanks for the helpful post!

    Is there an easy way to place a different tracking ID within the widget? This isn’t for geotargeting, but rather for getting a more granular view of conversions.

    I know you can do it in the shortcode, but can’t see how to do it for the widgets (e.g. the AAWP Single Box widget)

    1. Hi Ben,

      directly in the widget plugin this is unfortunately not possible. You could only control this via geotargeting.


  9. Hi! Is it possible to automatically assign tracking ids to certain authors, or categories? I have multiple authors, and I’d like to see how each of them performs. I’d also like to see if certain categories are performing well. It’s so much easier if I can assign tracking IDs to all the amazon box in every post by author/category.

    1. Hi Derek,

      unfortunately not yet. But we already have it on our to-do list :-).

      If you want us to inform you about the current status of this, just write us a short support ticket https://getaawp.com/contact/.

      Many greetings

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