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By default you setup one tracking id which will be used for generating your affiliate links.

But there might be a situation where you want to replace the tracking id. This allows you to measure and compare different product placements, templates etc.

How can I set a custom tracking id?

This can be done easily by adding the attribute tracking_id to any standard shortcode and passing your custom tracking id as follows:

e.g. single/multiple boxes

[amazon box="ASIN" tracking_id="my-custom-id-20"]

e.g. bestseller lists

[amazon bestseller="smartphone" tracking_id="my-custom-id-20"]

e.g. comparison tables

[amazon table="ID" tracking_id="my-custom-id-20"]

Replacing the tracking id takes affect immediately. In case you're using a caching plugin, please empty your site's cache as well.

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