With the AAWP API, we have created our own infrastructure that allows us to offer additional functionality to our customers.

Our plugin uses our API as an additional service to complement the official Amazon Product Advertising API.

What are the functions of the AAWP API?

Retrieving Amazon product information

Our API is able to retrieve product information about all Amazon products.

This allows customers to use our AAWP plugin even if they don’t have any access to the official Amazon Product Advertising API yet.

Especially newcomers benefit from this and can thus refer their first sales.

As providing this feature also costs resources for us, there are currently the following limitations:

  • maximum of 25 products in total per license
  • maximum of 50 searches in total per license

If you don’t need an already placed product anymore, please remove it from the plugin’s database, so it won’t get counted next month.

Current restrictions: Bestsellers and new releases lists cannot be used.

AAWP API: Products Settings

Sharing telemetry data

In our ongoing effort to develop a first-class product, users have the option to provide us with usage data when installing our plugin.

A few examples of this:

  • How many products are stored in the database?
  • How many comparison tables were created?
  • How often is the “Statistics” function activated?

By collecting this information, we can make informed decisions about which features to develop and get a better understanding of how our customers are using our plugin.

Important: In any case, we only collect non-sensitive data that is purely aimed at the technical use of our plugin. We have no interest in any other information apart from our plugin.

You can find more information about telemetry data here.

How can I use the AAWP API?

Access to the AAWP API is automatically established by the plugin. No extra credentials are needed for this.

Your personal license key, which you received when purchasing the plugin, is used for legitimization and must be entered in the plugin settings.

Important: Access to the API is only possible with an active license. You can buy a new license, or renew your existing license at any time.

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