Shortened Links

With our plugin, you have the possibility to use so-called “Shortened Links” which look like:

For this, AAWP uses the API from Bitly.

The shortened links replace the long product links that come from the Amazon API. The use of this feature depends on the user’s preference.

  1. Create a Bitly account from here
  2. Log in with your account and follow these instructions to generate the API token
  3. Activate the “shortened links” function via “general” AAWP settings
  4. Enter your previously generated Bitly API token

After successful configuration, all links will be converted automatically.

If you use a caching plugin, you should empty the cached cache so that the new links are displayed immediately.

Are there any limitations?

In Bitly’s free plan, 10 new links can be created per month. Therefore, you may not be able to convert all links immediately.

In this case, you can either wait for the following month or get a paid month for a short time until all links have been converted.

What about data privacy of my site visitors?

Since a third-party service is used here and the link clicks end up going through the Bitly server, you may need to include a notice in your website’s privacy policy.

Since we are not allowed to give legal advice, you have to inform yourself about this before you use the function.

We also do not have any text templates.

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