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Functions – Plugin settings

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When using text link shortcodes you can optionally output an icon as well.

More information about the text link shortcodes can be found on the documentation pages.


The output of product boxes and lists are based on different template files.

For example: Bestseller lists right now come along with the following templates:

  • Standard
  • Table (= table)
  • List (= list)
[amazon bestseller="330405011" template="table"]

In case you have a basic HTML/PHP knowledge, you can adjust respectively customize the template files for your project.

More information about templating can be found here.


When displaying boxes (or lists) you have the choice between different designs, with regard to colors, positioning and element sizes.

Right now the following designs are available:

  • Standard (= standard)
  • Light (= light)
  • Dark (= dark)

Additionally you can overwrite the style by extending the shortcodes:

[amazon box="B00THKEKEQ" style="light"]

Of course you can add your custom CSS styles on top.

Individual customizations regarding the design/style of all elements are not part of the plugin support, due tue to fact that goes beyond of the scope of support.

Time by time we are going to publish tutorials for the most wished customizations on our blog.

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