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General – Plugin settings

AAWP - Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin - Docs - Settings - General Preview


Here you can switch the shortcode in case another WordPress plugin uses the same “amazon” shortcode.

Cache duration

Due to the fact that communication with the Amazon Product Advertising API takes a few seconds, the plugin has a built-in cache functionality. The results (product title, -descriptions, -prices etc.) are stored for a certain time in the database. 

We recommend using a 24 hours interval but of course you can change it if you like. The shorter the interval is, the more often the product informations will be queried.

SSL Support

If you secured your site by using a SSL certificate, enable this option in order to avoid mixed content. In this case external resources (e.g. images) will be served through a connection server as well.

Last update format

Inside the inline info or disclaimer boxes you can display the date (and time) of the last update for each product respectively list. The following formatting options are available:

  • Date, e.g. 06.12.2015
  • Datum & time, z.B. 06.12.2015 at 12:05

The date and time can be displayed by using the placeholder %last_update%. The plugin settings tell you which input fields are supported. Additionally you can display the date and time by using the fields feature as well.

Inline info

With product boxes you can display a short extra text at the left bottom corner. e.g. “Price incl. tax, excl. shipping costs”

The placeholder %last_update% can be used too.


Amazon advised to include a disclaimer adjacent to the pricing or availability information.

One option ( source ) is to reference to an extra page which containing a disclaimer text – paragraph 4(o) – taken from the official agreement.

Another option is to display the date (and time) of the last update besides every Amazon API generated content.

The disclaimer option of the plugin allows you to display important data/text besides the presented products: e.g.

Last update on %last_update% / * Affiliate links / Image source: Amazon Product Advertising API

The disclaimer can be displayed…

  • after each single product box or list
  • once at the end of the page

The placeholder %last_update% generally works here, but not at the end of the page. This will be implemented soon.

The suggestions above are taken from the official agreements. We cannot assume liability for you, to comply with their terms.

Clear cache

At the end of almost every settings page you are able to delete the plugin cache. After this on the next visit the product informations will be fetched from scratch.

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