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Here you can find an overview of all available shortocdes and its attributes.

Basis shortcodes

Function Shortcode Infos
Text links
[amazon link="ASIN"]
Click here
Product boxes
[amazon box="ASIN"]
Click here
Bestseller (lists)
[amazon bestseller="keywords"]
Click here
New Releases (lists)
[amazon new="browse_node_ID"]
Click here
Fields (Single product data)
[amazon fields="ASIN" value="price"]
Click here

Available adjustments

Icon Function
Box Product boxes
Best Bestseller (Lists)
New New Releases (Lists)
Fields Fields (Single product data)

The icons indicate wether the function type is available for the related adjustment or not.

Lists (and multiple boxes)

Attribute Available for
items Defines the maximum amount of products which will be shown. BestNew
Numbers from 1 to 25; Default: 10
select Selecting a single or range of products out of a list. BestNew
Numbers; e.g. "3" in order to show the third product; "3-5" in order to show product three to five.
orderby Ordering on the basis of certain attributes. BoxBestNew
amount_saved, percentage_saved, price, rating, title
order Direction of ordering. BoxBestNew
ASC (ascending), DESC (descending)
filterby Filtering on the basis of certain attributes. BoxBestNew
price, title
filter Defining the characteristic for applying the filter. BoxBestNew
Any text, any number, offer; (the values depend on the "filterby" attribute)
filter_items Similar to the global "items" attribute but defining the maximum filter (search) radius. BoxBestNew
Numbers from 1 to 30; Default: 10 respectively the value of "items"
filter_type Defining the filter direction. BoxBestNew
include, exclude; Default: include
filter_compare Required for comparing prices. BoxBestNew
equal, less, more, range; Default: equal
ribbon Hiding the ribbon (e.g. bestseller no X) on the top left. BestNew
ribbon_text Overwriting the ribbon text (e.g. bestseller no X) on the top left. BestNew
Any text; e.g. Bestseller No. %NUMBER%
Attribute Available for
title Overwriting the original product title. BoxFieldsLink
Any text
title_length Specifies a maximum amount of characters for the product title. BoxBestNewFieldsLink
Numbers from 1 to 255
link_title Overwriting HTML link „title“ attribute. BoxFieldsLink
Any text
link_overwrite Replacing the links. BoxFieldsLink
link_type Specify the link type. BoxBestNewFieldsLink
basic, reviews, cart
link_icon Specify the link icon. Link
none, amazon, amazon-logo, cart
link_class Specify your own link CSS classes. Link
Anyone, e.g. "my-button" or "my-button second-style"


Attribute Available for
description Using a custom product description. BoxFields
Any text
description_items Specify a maximum amount for list items. BoxBestNewFields
Numbers from 1 to 10
description_length Specifies a maximum amount of characters for each list item. BoxBestNewFields
Numbers from 1 to 255
description_text Displays an extra text below the standard description list. Box
Any text


Attribute Available for
image Selecting a another product thumbnail. At most 5 images available. Additionally you can choose your own image. BoxFields
Numbers from 1 to 5; or image url
image_size Overwriting the thumbnail size. BoxBestNewFields
small, medium, large
image_alt Overwriting HTML image „alt“ attribute. BoxBestNewFields
Any text
image_title Adding HTML image „title“ attribute. BoxFields
Any text
image_align Align images right or left Fields
center, right, left
image_width Specifies the width of a single image. Fields
Numbers from 1 to 500
image_height Specifies the height of a single image. Fields
Numbers from 1 to 500
image_class Overwriting HTML image „class“ attribute. Fields
Any text; e.g. my-image-class


Attribute Available for
button Hiding the "Buy on Amazon" button. BoxBestNew
button_text Overwriting the button text. BoxBestNewFields
Any text
button_detail Displaying an extra button and setting up the link target. BoxBestNewFields
Number (= Post ID) or any URL
button_detail_text Overwriting the button text. BoxBestNewFields
Any text
button_detail_title Overwriting HTML link „title“ attribute. BoxBestNewFields
Any text
button_detail_target Overwriting HTML link „target“ attribute (standard = current window). BoxBestNewFields
button_detail_rel Setting a custom HTML link „rel“ attribute BoxBestNewFields
Any text


Attribute Available for
price Overwriting the price text. BoxBestNewFields
Any text; e.g. 19 EUR
sale_ribbon_text Overwriting the sale ribbon text on the top right. BestNew
Any text; e.g. Sale: %PRICE_REDUCTION%


Attribute Available for
rating Overwriting the rating value. BoxFields
Values from 1 to 5; e.g. "2" or "2.5"
star_rating Hiding the star rating (and rating col of the table template). BoxBestNew
star_rating_size Overwriting the star rating size. BoxBestNewFields
small, medium, large
star_rating_link Overwriting the star rating link. BoxBestNewFieldsLink
reviews, detail_page, none, postid, https://my-url.com
reviews Hiding the amount of reviews. BoxBestNew

Templates & Styles

Attribute Available for
template Replacing the PHP template which will be used for the output. BoxBestNewFieldsLink
horizontal (default), vertical, list, table, widget, widget-vertical (default), widget-small; alternatively the name of your custom template (without the file extension)
grid Displaying product boxes side by side. BoxBestNew
Numbers from 1 to 6
numbering Shows the numbering col when using table template for unordered lists. BoxNew
style Overwriting the style for product boxes. BoxBestNew
standard, light, dark
class Adding a new class to the product container. BoxBestNew
e.g. "my-class"


Attribute Available for
tracking_id Replacing the tracking id which will be used for affiliate links. BoxBestNewFieldsLink
Any text

This overview will be updated continuously.

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