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Shortcodes and adjustment

Here you can find an overview of all available shortocdes and its attributes.

Basis shortcodes

[amazon link="ASIN"]

Click here

Product boxes

[amazon box="ASIN"]

Click here

Bestseller (lists)

[amazon bestseller="keywords"]

Click here

New Releases (lists)

[amazon new="browse_node_ID"]

Click here

Fields (Single product data)

[amazon fields="ASIN" value="price"]

Click here

Available adjustments

Product boxes

[aawp_docs_funcs funcs="box"]

Bestseller (Lists)

[aawp_docs_funcs funcs="bestseller"]

New Releases (Lists)

[aawp_docs_funcs funcs="new"]

Fields (Single product data)

[aawp_docs_funcs funcs="fields"]

The icons indicate wether the function type is available for the related adjustment or not.

This overview will be updated continuously.

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