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Database Garbage Collection

The plugin automatically takes care of the old and thus no longer needed products and lists are regularly removed from the database. This function helps to reduce the load on your database and also ensures that the Amazon API’s request limits are not exceeded.

The Database Garbage Collection is activated by default.

The function described here was added with the plugin update to version 3.13. on August 17, 2020 (see Changelog)

The Problem: Products and lists that are no longer needed are still saved in the database

Products and lists that are no longer needed, accumulate through the following scenarios:

  • You placed products or lists only for testing purposes
  • You removed products after some time again from your contributions or pages
  • Lists (bestsellers or new releases) contain products that will no longer be included when the data is renewed again
  • There are products on your website that are no longer listed on Amazon

If there are too many products or lists in your database that are no longer needed, this will cause the following problems:

  • The database size of your website grows unnecessarily
  • The plugin wastes important resources by updating products and lists that may no longer be shown
  • The higher the number of data renewals, the faster you reach the Amazon API request limit

The Solution: Database Garbage Collection

The products and lists accumulated by the previously mentioned scenarios must be continuously checked and removed from the database.

For this purpose, we have implemented a routine that runs regularly and deletes a certain number of products and lists from the database. This works in the following way:

Interval Task Condition
Hourly 50 products will be removed from the database which are older than 30 days
Hourly 50 lists will be removed from the database which are older than 30 days

The age of the products and lists is the time when they were first placed and stored in the database. Not, the date of the last update. The latter is of course performed continuously.

What happens to deleted products/lists which are still being placed?

That’s not a problem! In this case, the products will be fetched from the Amazon API completely new the next time the page is visited and stored in the database again.

Can I deactivate this function?

If you do not want to use the built-in database garbage collection, you can disable it easily via the plugin settings (tab “General”).

AAWP Settings - Database Garbage Collection

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