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WP Cron and how-to setup your own cron jobs

In case you run into an issue with WP Cron on your site, it might be necessary to setup your own cron jobs. Otherwise the plugin might not be able to renew its data properly.

WP Cron

What are cron events for?

The plugin makes use of WordPress’ built in cron system (called WP Cron) in order to execute multiple tasks in the background: For instance calling Amazon’s API, fetching the latest product data and updating your database. By doing so, there’s no manual action needed.

How is WP Cron working exactly?

Unlike regular cron jobs, which run at specific time based on the server settings, the WP-Cron function runs every time someone visits the WordPress powered website. This makes a WordPress site run properly on different kinds of server setups because it eliminates a lot of server-specific requirements. On every page load, WordPress checks if there is a need for WP-Cron to run.

Why is WP Cron not working for me?

There are several reasons why WP Cron might not be working properly on your site.

It could be simply the fact, that you don’t have enough visitors on your site. This often happens when you’re still building your site or it was launched recently.

Alternatively there might be a problem with the server setup, such as improper settings or firewall configuration.

How-to setup your own cron jobs

As you see, it might be the case that you can’t rely on WP cron. The best solution is to setup your own cron jobs. There are a few ways to do it. In case you aren’t a server administrator, we prepared some instructions for you.

Which cron jobs need to be set up?

On the plugin’s menu page “Support” you will find the links, which must be executed by your own cron jobs.

If you’re setting up your own cron jobs, please don’t forget to activate the checkbox above too.

Right now there are two events which must be executed frequently in order to hold your product data up2date:

Description Frequency
Renewing product data Every 10 minutes
Renewing product ratings Every 24 hours

Setting up cron jobs via your hosting company

Some hosting companies offer cron jobs as well. In this case you will find all instructions on their site.

Setting up cron jobs via online service

There are many online services which offer setting up cron jobs. We recommend using cron-job.org which is available for free.

After creating an account on their site, you can start adding your own cron jobs. Therefore just enter a describing title, insert the url and set the schedule.

Repeat the step for each cron job needed (take care of the correct urls and schedules) and afterwards you should see your cron jobs on the overview page:

Now you’re done and cron-job.org will take care that the plugin’s routines will be executed frequently.

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