Telemetry Data

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Why do we collect information?

In our ongoing effort to create a top-notch product, users have the option to share usage data with us when installing our plugin. By gathering this information, we can make well-informed decisions regarding which features to develop and gain a better understanding of how our customers utilize our plugin.

This information also helps us to design our test environments, to test our plugin for compatibility and adjust it if necessary.

Important: In any case, we only collect non-sensitive data that is purely aimed at the technical use of our plugin. We have no interest in any other information, apart from our plugin.

What information is collected?

The collected information comes directly from the plugin installed on your site and includes the following information:

  • Number of created comparison tables
  • Number of active products in db
  • Number of invalid products in db
  • Number of stored bestseller lists in db
  • Number of stored new releases lists in db
  • Is click tracking activated?
  • Is click tracking country detection activated?
  • Is geotargeting activated?
  • Amazon API: Which country is selected?
  • Is multi store functionality activated?
  • Which cache duration was chosen?
  • Which affiliate link type was chosen? Standard or shortened?
  • Is image proxy activated?
  • Is the star rating functionality activated?
  • Is “Load Assets Globally” option enabled?

This data is collected regularly to ensure we stay up to date with our users’ needs.

Our tracking process is designed to be transparent and non-intrusive, ensuring your peace of mind while allowing us to continually enhance our offerings to best suit your needs.

The information listed above will only be shared with your active consent.

You can revoke (or give) your consent at any time directly via the plugin settings.

Regardless of this, we still receive technically relevant information (such as your site’s domain, PHP and WordPress version). This information is not sensitive and is collected to facilitate the operation of our plugin update system.

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