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The shortcode attribute “Link allows you to generated automated Amazon product links.

What do I need?


[amazon link="3424201200" /]

Note: Please close the shortcode by placing “/” at the end. Otherwise it might lead into some issues.

[amazon link="3424201200" title="My product name" /]

Here you can set the HTML link title attribute:

[amazon link="3424201200" link_title="My SEO link title" /]

Tip: This might be helpful when optimizing for Google & Co.

[amazon link="3424201200" title="My product name" link_title="My SEO link title" /]


Overwriting the plugin settings; accepted values: “none”, “amazon” or “cart”

[amazon link="3424201200" link_icon="amazon" /]

The shortcodes above can be extended by adding further "attributes". We prepared an overview of all shortcodes and adjustments for the Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin.

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