Finally, version 3.7 of our Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin is now available. The purpose of this update was implementing a new feature which allows you to download and host product images locally.

Hosting product images on your server

Over the past few weeks, we received more and more inquiries if it would be possible to download product images (provided by Amazon's API) and host them locally. By doing so, images would no longer be delivered by Amazon's servers.

Please note: We only provide the technical realization for the local delivery of product images. The use of this feature is on your responsibility. If you have any questions or concerns, please make use of the terms and conditions or support of Amazon Associates.

How-to use this new feature?

For safety reasons, the local saving of images must be enabled by using the following filter:

add_filter( 'aawp_product_local_images_enabled', function() {
    return true;
} );

Here we're going to show you, how-to use the filter on your site: How-to use custom PHP code snippets

New setting: Caching of images

New Setting: Image Cache

After you successfully placed the filter, you will find a new setting called “Images” on the plugin settings tab “General”, right under the “Cache” section. By checking this option, all product images (provided by Amazon's API) will be downloaded to your server and delivered locally.

All downloaded images will be automatically deleted after 24 hours (working “WP Cron” required).

In case you want to delete the downloaded product images manually, you will find a new button at the end of the plugin settings page.

Do I have to use the new feature?

No, absolutely not! To use this new feature, it must be activated by yourself. By default, all product images are delivered as usual via Amazon's servers.

In case you want to get knowledge about all new features, improvements and fixes, feel free to take a look into the changelog.

The new version of our plugin is available as a free update to all customers with a valid and active license key. In case you want renew your license or use the plugin on more sites (upgrade your license), you can find both options in your customer dashboard.

If you have any questions, suggestions or feature requests please don't hesitate and get in touch with us.

About the author: Florian is the founder and main developer of AAWP and other awesome WordPress related tools. Besides coding, he loves doing sports and watching his favorite series. Follow him on Twitter


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  1. hello, but where does that code come from? in what file?
    add_filter ( ‘aawp_product_local_images_enabled’ , function ( ) {
    return true ;
    } ) ;

  2. Hola, quiero saber si este plugin descarga automáticamente los productos de Amazon como lo hace el de WooZone y si es así, dónde encuentro el tuorial?

      1. Hi Sven,

        I think that he is asking if the plugin can cache links/images locally instead of PHP and especially the image.php?url=.

        Is there any way or configuration not to load the images via PHP but from JS or some alternative method?

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