Image Proxy

You may come to the point where you want to use a proxy for loading product images from Amazon's server.

Updating the plugin

Automatic plugin updates By entering your license key into the plugin settings (“licensing” tab) your site will be activated for...

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Here can find more details about the GDPR compliance of AAWP as well as our recommendations in order to stay GDPR compliant.

Can your plugin be used with any theme?

Due to the fact that our plugin comes along with its own templates and styles, it works pretty well with...

Nofollow links

All affiliate links coming from the plugin are "nofollow" by default.

How-to translate AAWP into your language

Our plugin can be easily translated into any language and even includes several non-English translations. If your language is not...

Using AAWP with WordPress Multisite

In general the plugin works fine on a multisite. Using the plugin on a multisite requires owning an appropriate license.

Install via uploader or FTP

Install via uploader Login to your website and go to the admin dashboard. Select Plugins -> Add New from the...

Create a temporary login for our support team

Our support team is always motivated to help you as much as possible. Remote diagnosis via e-mail is not always...

Telemetry Data

Thanks for your interest in making AAWP even better. We do appreciate your help! Why do we collect information? In...