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Browse Nodes

When displaying single products, you can use article numbers (ASIN, or ISBN for books). However, lists (e.g. Bestseller, New Releases) be an exception due to the fact that we need to use the id of the specific product group. Only when submitting the so-called “Browse Nodes”, the Amazon Product Advertising API will return exact results. Note: When using a browse node, Amazon's API returns a maximum amount of 10 products. How to get the Browse Nodes Here you can find an overview of the most important main groups (for Amazon.com): Bestseller New Releases

Find out article numbers

In order to display any data on your website it's necessary to get the article number (ASIN) or ISBN (for books) right from the Amazon page. The numbers can be found on the product details or inside the URL. Example: Amazon ASIN Example: Books ISBN