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Amazon API “not connected” – Frequent causes

In case the plugin was not able to establish a connection to the Amazon API, here you find a collection of all API connection error codes, messages, and their solutions. AccessDenied This error occurs when the access key provided is not registered with Product Advertising API or the credentials being used are AWS credentials. Solution: Please visit your Amazon associates central and create API keys according to our tutorial. AccessDeniedAwsUsers This error occurs when the access key provided is not registered with Product Advertising API or the credentials being used are AWS credentials. Solution: Please visit your Amazon associates central...

Amazon API: “RequestThrottled” and how to fix it?

API stands for Application Programming Interface and is the method we use in our plugin to connect with Amazon to retrieve product information. Without a working API key that you generate from your Amazon account, our plugin cannot connect to Amazon’s servers. Error “RequestThrottled” – What does it mean? Until the beginning of this year, after your account was verified, you could generate an API key and use it without any restrictions to get product details using a plugin such as ours. However, Amazon made some changes regarding their affiliate program. Some of these new rules set by Amazon are:...

Technical requirements

Please ensure that your web hosting meets the following requirements: PHP 5.6 or newer MySQL 5.0.3 or newer WordPress 4.7.5 or newer PHP “SOAP“, “cURL” and “mbstring” extensions installed and enabled PHP “curl_exec“ and “allow_url_fopen” enabled PHP “XML“ enabled WebHosting recommendation In general the above-mentioned requirements are easily met by all web hosting providers. Server Check Tool We are happy to provide you a very easy tool in order to check if your your web hosting meets all requirements. Click here to download our Server Check Tool. The downloaded file “aawp-server-check.php” must be uploaded via FTP (e.g. in the root directory of your...

PHP SOAP Extension

In order to communicate with Amazon's Product Advertising API, the PHP SOAP extension must be enabled on your server. In case you're not sure if it's enabled or not, let's find out: Inside the plugin's admin area, click on the menu item “Support“ At the bottom of the page you can find the section “Environment“. Here you can find an info wether PHP SOAP is enabled or not Right now the usage of this extension is required. The plugin cannot be used without. All other requirements are listed here.

Styles/scripts are not loaded properly

You may run into the issue that your product boxes/tables are being displayed completely un-styled. This often happens after installing the plugin on a new site or updating it to a newer version.

License Server – Problems and Fixes

As the owner of an active license (see “License Renewals“), you will receive regular plugin updates. In this context, we fix known bugs and introduce new features. In order for the plugin installed on your website to receive an update, the website or domain must be activated with a license key. Your personal license key was sent to you by email after you purchased our plugin. Alternatively you can also find on your account page. The activation itself is done via our license server. In rare cases, there may be problems with the activation of a website, which will be...

Using the WordPress debug log

In case you run into an issue, it might be necessary to produce some log entries in order to get more details about the cause of the problem.

Step-by-step troubleshooting guide for solving the “Products not found” issue

Our plugin connects to Amazon using their API to show the product information based on the ASIN you have entered. If you ever see a “Products not found” message instead of the product details, you can use this guide and the following steps to find why the product is not being displayed. Step 1: Check via Amazon's Site Stripe Not all products listed on Amazon’s websites are available for affiliates and sometimes the product can be removed from Amazon. This means 2 things. First, they would not be available for you to earn affiliate commissions and secondly, they would not...