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Amazon API “not connected” – Frequent causes

In case the plugin was not able to establish a connection to the Amazon API, here you find a collection...

Amazon API: “RequestThrottled” and how to fix it?

API stands for Application Programming Interface and is the method we use in our plugin to connect with Amazon to...

Star ratings and reviews don’t show up

Star ratings and reviews don't show up on my site, what can I do and where does the data come from?

Step-by-step troubleshooting guide for solving the “Products not found” issue

Our plugin connects to Amazon using their API to show the product information based on the ASIN you have entered....

Technical requirements

Please ensure that your web hosting meets the following requirements: PHP 5.6 or newer MySQL 5.0.3 or newer WordPress 4.7.5...

PHP SOAP Extension

In order to communicate with Amazon’s Product Advertising API, the PHP SOAP extension must be enabled on your server. In...

How-to increase the WordPress memory limit

Increase the memory limit of your WordPress site can be done in several ways and you have to figure out, which one works for your current hosting.

License Server – Problems and Fixes

As the owner of an active license (see “License Renewals“), you will receive regular plugin updates. In this context, we...

Using the WordPress debug log

In case you run into an issue, it might be necessary to produce some log entries in order to get more details about the cause of the problem.
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